Thursday, October 30, 2014

Preschool Halloween Parties

Jane and Walt's preschool classes had their Halloween parties this week.  The cuteness was killin' me!  All of those little preschoolers running into school in their was too much!

This year, Jane is Lambie from the show Doc McStuffins this year.  I love her cute little costume!  So soft and cuddly!

Lambie is 4!
Walking in to preschool
Sweet big sister Jane opened up her treat bag the second we got home from preschool, and she started divvying out the goods to her little brothers.  "Here, Walt, this one's for you!  Oh, Harry, you better not have that one.  You'll probably choke!  Here, you can have the bag to tear up!  You like to tear things up, don't you?"  She's such a sweetie to those brothers!
Walt (aka "Sully" from Monsters Inc.) had his preschool Halloween party this morning.  He was PUMPED!  "I'm gonna roar at everyone!"
Snacktime at the Halloween party
Decorating treat bags.  The sweet moms in charge of the Halloween party let Jane decorate some paper with stickers, too.  So fun!
Watching the fun with Jane & Harry while Walt's buddies played games
Jane stayed busy with the stickers
So proud of her creations!  Harry wanted to escape and play with the big kids soooooo badly!
Thumbs up, Sully!
Closing out the party with story time
Now that the school parties are over, we're anxiously awaiting Halloween so that we can go trick-or-treating!  The kids CAN'T WAIT to visit all of our neighbors' houses!

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