Monday, October 27, 2014

Put It To Work 3

Put It To Work

It’s another Monday morning, so it’s time for Put It To Work, our weekly opportunity to swap prayer intentions.  As I wrote last week, the goal is to actively unite our intentions to the cross for one another, putting the prayer intentions “to work”–especially in times of suffering (no matter how small).
My intentions this week:
  • That Brittany Maynard will change her decision to end her life on November 1
  • That our GodTeens will come to know and love Jesus
  • That Jane and Walt’s second go around with swimming lessons goes well
  • That I will keep working on patience with kids & words of affirmation toward Philip
What about you?  What prayer intentions can I start “putting to work” for you this week?  I’ll add them to my prayer journal and bring them with me to my prayer time throughout the week.
Thank you for praying for us!  You’re in my prayers this week, too!

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