Friday, October 17, 2014

New Fall 'Do

It was time for a hair intervention!  I hadn't gotten my hair cut since April.  Between the move, getting settled, and the start of the school year, my locks fell further and further down the list of priorities on the totem pole.  I had dry, dead ends, and my spring highlights had grown out so long that I looked like I had a poser ombre look going.

Here's my before picture:

I finally got in yesterday, and I feel like I lost ten pounds.  Maybe I should have weighed myself before and after because I probably DID lose one pound!  Every little bit counts, right?  Right???

So long, dead mousy brown hair!
My hair isn't super thick, but I do have a lot of it, and it has some natural curl.  I asked the stylist for something versatile that I can wear curly or straight.  I wanted a big, swoopy bang across my brow, but I wanted it juuuuuuuuust long enough that I can still tuck it behind my ear or pin it back.  These were my inspiration pictures for the style.  Thanks, Keri Russell and Charlize Theron:

For the color, Miss Emma Stone was my muse:

Here's my version:

It's so much easier to get ready with half of the hair, and it's fun to have some new color.  Whatcha think?

Don't be like me and wait until it's hair intervention time to make an appointment.  Get a date night on the calendar, call your stylist, and rock a new 'do!  It's amazing how a little cut and color can put some extra pep in my step.  


  1. So pretty! I need to do something about my crazy hair!