Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Photo Recap

What a great, great first Halloween in Lincoln we had!

Before heading out for trick-or-treating, we took a few pictures in front of the fireplace:
Sully, Mikey, and Lambie
That little Mikey was moving so quickly that he was blurry in most of our pictures from the evening!
Everyone happily got into character for the pictures. Walt loved roaring like a monster, Harry happily imitated Walt, and Jane sweetly curtsied whenever we popped out the camera.
After the pictures in front of the fireplace, we put out a bowl of candy on the front stoop and headed out...
One of our favorite neighbor girls and babysitters, Carly, had made the kids adorable treat bags! She even made a bundle of dog biscuits for Monty! Love that girl. :)
We were able to snag a quick pic with some of our favorite neighbor boys, too. It's so much fun to be surrounded by so many great, young families!
I had to snap a picture of the way the cuties looked on their way up to the door, so I ran ahead to get this shot. I love how Jane escorted little Harry up the steps! Walter (aka "Wal-turtle") slowly made his way to the door in his own time!
Waiting for more of our neighbor friends to come to the door. Trick-or-treating is a different experience when you and the kids know everyone coming to the door by name. It was so fun going house to house, hearing the kids say, "Okay, now, let's go to __________'s house!"
At one point while we were trick-or-treating up the block, Walt started pointing at our house and complaining, "They're taking our candy!"  We thought he was just being greedy, so we reassured him, "No, honey, they're supposed to take the candy!"  Maybe we should have been paying closer attention, because this is what we found on our return home:
NADA. No candy. No bowl. NO NOTHING! Kids, I wouldn't have cared if you had taken all of the candy, but THE BOWL?! Granted, it was only a $2 plastic WalMart bowl, but STILL!
We weren't going to let that dampen our spirits!  We headed inside so that the kids could warm up and transition to sleepy time.  We put on a movie and told the kids they could each pick out one treat from their bags.
Walt thoroughly enjoyed his Milky Way
Another group shot after the candy set in

We were pushin' it, but we thought we'd try to get another shot of Sully & Mikey. Mikey wasn't feelin' it.
Kinda better?
I'll settle for the cute wrestling on the ground instead!
We had a few stragglers that came by while we were putting the kids to bed.  I told them to be on the lookout for a green candy bowl, and they were sincerely outraged on our behalf that someone would steal our candy bowl.  Their cute little indignation softened the blow from the neighborhood thugs!  After I gave them their candy, one of the Elsas (who else?) peeked over my shoulder and said in her 7-year-old voice, "You have a beautiful house!  Happy Halloween!"  Elsa got extra candy.

Even though he was on call, Philip didn't have to go in to the hospital.  We turned out the lights, watched one of our favorite new shows (PBS The Paradise), and called it a night.

I hope you had an equally fabulous Halloween!

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