Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Abandoning Baby Books

Did/do you make baby books for your children?  Or, are you like me?

I started a book for Jane before she was born, and I filled it with every last detail.

Then, I got pregnant with Walt when Jane was six months old.

To the back burner with you, baby books!

I finished Jane's first year of life in scrapbooks, and I made it to nearly 6 months for Walt.  After that, the books abruptly ended!  Harry (gulp) doesn't even HAVE one!

I continue to blog to keep archiving what we're up to, I love looking through previous Facebook posts with their quotes or funny things that they've done, and we have an OBSCENE amount of digital photos.

Jane was asking about what it was like when I was teaching while pregnant with her.  I told her we could look at her baby book.  That turned into Walt wanting to look at his (lame, half-incomplete) baby book.  They loooooooooooved it!  

Good news: Walt didn't even notice that his abruptly ended at six months.  I know that will all change someday soon, so now is the time to act!  

Looking at baby books together at the kitchen table
Resolution: It's time to get with the twenty-first century and actually come through with my promise to create digital photo books.  The time-consuming baby books aren't working anymore.  It's time to let go of what's not working and embrace that digital photo books are better than none at all.  Perhaps adding my own captions will help me to let go of self-imposed silly mommy guilt for not making baby books.  

Shutterfly, I *WILL* be placing an order before Christmas!  Just waiting for a great coupon to come along...

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