Friday, November 14, 2014

7QT: 10 minute challenge edition

7 Quick Takes Friday Hosted at Conversion Diary
7 Quick Takes Friday
This week, I'm going to try and write my post in ten minutes.  Timer begins NOW!


Head over to Brandon Vogt's blog to enter his "Behold Your Mother" Book Giveaway!  I already did, and I'm hoping I win one of the books.  If not, I'll just have to buy myself a copy anyway!  Can't wait to feast my eyes on this compilation of everything there is to know about the Blessed Mother.  As a cradle Catholic, I suppose I've taken a lot of the misconceptions and objections about her for granted.  


I love Jen Fulwiler, I love the Gaffigan family, and those two worlds splendidly collided in a Catholic girl's fantasy world!  Jen Fulwiler just had Jeannie Gaffigan on her new Sirius radio show AND Sirius made a podcast of the show available!  YAY!  I haven't heard it yet, but I have a date to listen to it tonight while I fold laundry.  You know you're jealous!


Are you going to the Edel Gathering this year?  I'm going with one of my dearest friends, and I CANNOT WAIT!  Is it July yet?  Hallie just announced the speakers, and I'm LOVING them already!  They are Rachel Balducci and Kelly Mantoan.  I just started following their blogs and reading about them.  Edel '15 is already shaping up to be living up to the hype!  Tickets go on sale next Wednesday.  Hope I'll see ya there!  


Remember my friends Amanda and Jonathan?  Their precious baby, Josephine Rose Teixeira is here!!!  BABY TEX IS HERE!  I can't wait to squeeze that little cutie pie!  Thank you so much for all of your prayers, especially this week.  God will not be outdone in generosity, people!  Isn't it the best when we can see His faithfulness in the lives of the people we love?!  Search for the hashtag #babytex for their latest updates on Amanda and Jonathan's journey with Josie.  


I'm turning 30 on the 26th.  Am I the only one whose reaction to turning 30 is, "Meh"?  The number just isn't fazing me.  (Yes, it's "fazing" and not "phasing."  Read why here.)  Perhaps I should feel old when I think about my big gift wishes.  I don't want jewelry, a big party, roses, or a fancy dinner.  The only thing I want for my birthday (and Christmas and Valentine's Day) is someone to help clean the house so that I can focus more on doing the mom thing.  If someone could deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen for me on a semi-regular basis, that would be heavenly!  If that makes me old and lame, that's okay.  I'm okay with being old and lame if it means I can spend more time enjoying our family. 


We had this Slow Cooker Stout and Chicken Stew for dinner the other night.  DELICIOUS!  It involves chicken thighs, bacon, and a stout.  Need I say more?  I recommend adding a little more salt and some spices (garlic & thyme) to give it a little more pizazz.  We loved it!



Philip is deer hunting with the other guys in my family this weekend.  Please pray for their safety and that they each bag a deer ASAP so that us ladies can get our husbands back!  Should I be concerned that Philip felt the need to pack all of these gloves and suturing supplies???

supplies copy

Okay, I wrote it in 20 minutes, but I had several interruptions.  Maybe next time.

If you want to read more 7QT posts from real bloggers, head over to Kelly Mantoan's blog to join in the fun!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. For my 28th birthday (last Monday), all I wanted was for someone to clean and seal my grout. Yep, it might be totally boring, but it made me happy (and the kitchen looks so much cleaner)! Luckily, my husband also has a less practical side and took the day off of work to spoil me, which was just heavenly, as well.