Monday, November 17, 2014

Put It To Work 6

Put It To Work
Put It To Work

Happy Monday morning!  It’s time for Put It To Work, our weekly opportunity to swap prayer intentions.  The goal of Put It To Work is to actively unite our intentions to the cross for one another, putting the prayer intentions “to work”–especially in times of suffering (no matter how small).  

Thank you for continuing to share your prayer intentions with me.  My weeks have been transformed by the power of your prayers.  Being able to lift up your intentions throughout the ordinariness of my days sanctifies and blesses my work.  Thank you for the honor of entrusting some of the most private and painful intentions to me.  I continue to pray for all of them.

Please put these intentions to work this week:
  • Strength, peace, and comfort for those who struggle with depression, anger, and loneliness during the holiday season.
  • For a softening of heart and a warm homecoming for those loved ones who have left the Faith  
  • Safe travels for my family members as they journey here on Saturday for our first Thanksgiving celebration in our new home
  • As we prepare to host my (large!) family this week, for Philip and I to prioritize and remember what really matters when snafus arise 
  • For my patience as I learn how to coach Jane and Walt through the preschool years
  • That Philip and I will continue to work everyday to further strengthen our marriage
I know you've been seeing those last 2 intentions on here week after week.  I'll probably keep asking for prayers for my patience and for continued strengthening of our marriage for a long, long time because, well, who doesn't need more patience, and who doesn't want an even stronger marriage?

What about you?  What prayer intentions can I start “putting to work” for you this week?  I’ll add them to my prayer journal and bring them with me to my prayer time throughout the week.

Thank you for praying for us!  You’re in my prayers this week, too!

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