Friday, November 7, 2014

7QT: Harry the Monkey Edition

This week, it's all about Mr. Harry!  Just shy of 15 months, Harry is a full-fledged MONKEY!  The little guy has serious climbing skills.  He's our most coordinated kiddo yet, and he's having fun trying to keep up with Jane & Walt.


His current favorite spot is on top of this kiddie table in Jane's room.  (The table used to be Philip's when he was a little boy.  Cool, huh?!  Thanks for saving it all of these years, Janet!)


Philip had the ladder out to change some lightbulbs the other day.  When Philip left the room to get more bulbs, Harry took it upon himself to try the ladder out.  Fortunately, I was there to peel the little daredevil away before he fell off!


Our parish had their Holiday Fair last Sunday.  We got a fantastic basket from the silent auction full of children's books, superhero capes, and a dinosaur tail.  Harry wears his dinosaur tail EVERYWHERE! Here's dinosaur Harry, cookin' up something in the kitchen.


Second only to Jane, Harry is Monty's biggest fan!  While I was making our bed, Harry decided he'd keep Monty company.  I love how he put his left arm around Monty for the pic.  Monty's still not so sure about all of the attention, but he's a good sport about tolerating it!  He'll simply lick Harry until he stops when he's had enough attention.


Jane and Walt are enjoying their evening swim lessons.  (Hallelujah!)  Two nights a week, Harry and I get to watch them below from the observation deck.  Harry loves the one-on-one time with me, and he has a fun spot to play around.  Here he is, lounging against the window, watching the big kids swim.


While Walt was at preschool yesterday, I took Jane and Harry to SAM's & Walmart for our weekly grocery run.  I decided Harry was finally ready to sit next to Jane in the BIG cart.  Oh my goodness, he LOVED it!  He giggled the whole time and shamelessly flirted with all of the ladies we passed by.


Now that he's tall enough to see over the windowsill, this is Harry's favorite spot.  He loves to watch the action outside from this window.  Early this morning, he ran to the window as soon as he was done with his breakfast to watch the neighbors' cars leave for school and work.  

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