Friday, February 28, 2014

Why I Love Philip (Happy Birthday!)

Happy Birthday, Honey!

I am struggling to find a focus for this post because there are so many things that I want to write about.  I am so proud of you for working everyday to become an even better Christian, husband, and father.  

The leadership and dedication you've shown in your faith is inspiring, and it's a joy to watch you fall more in love with our Lord.  I love it when you lead our family in prayer.  Aside from our couple prayer time before bed, watching you across the table during our family Rosary or squeezing your hand at Mass are some of my favorite parts of the week.  I am so glad that our children have a daddy who will pray with them and for them on a regular basis.  What a blessing!  Thank you for taking a leadership role in that capacity and for helping all of us to improve ourselves in that area of our lives.

Helping the kiddos blow out the Advent wreath candles.  Yay, fire!
As a father, you're top notch.  The kids' hearts nearly burst at the seams when they hear the front door open and know that you're home!  Thank you for taking the time to give them the love and attention they need right when you walk in the door.  You are so good about getting down on the floor, giving big hugs and kisses, and asking them about whatever they are doing.  Despite being crazy busy with residency and everything else we have going on with moving, etc., you are great about showing them that taking time to play and be with them will trump the other stuff.  They know how much you love them, and they love showing you how much they love you!  As your wife and their mother, I can't tell you how much joy that gives me.  I love how good you are at engaging each child individually, connecting with them in different ways, and showing them that you love what makes them them.  Even if there's a lot to be done on your time off, I love that you're insistent that we always take time out to have quality time with the kids.  It's usually something simple like our library trips, zoo visits, or picnics at the neighborhood park.  The kids FREAK OUT when they find out you have a coveted day off and we get to do something special like that with you.  If nothing else, residency makes us realize the preciousness of the time we have together.  After residency, they're going to miss your post-call mornings when you bring them donuts!  

Surprising Janie with her first flowers (pink, of course!) on her 4th birthday

Playing Princess Candyland as a fam
You're the gold standard in the husband department!  You've always been my #1 cheerleader.

One of your many love notes.  This one was hidden in the dishwasher for me to find in the morning.
Ever since I started staying at home, thank you for recognizing my need to take little breaks or have time out with girlfriends.  You are great about offering me that time and joyfully taking over the home front while I step away.  It is such a relief to have a husband that supports and understands my need to be away from time to time so that I can recharge and be an even better wife & mama when I return.  You never complain about the work that needs to be done; instead, you joyfully jump into action by making meals, giving baths, doing projects around the house, etc.  I love, love, love how invested you are in keeping our relationship only second to our individual relationships with God.  It's such a blessing to have a spouse that understands that we get closer to each other as we individually get closer to God.

Thank you for showing me that you value our relationship above all others--even the kiddos.  As demanding as three little ones can be, you are so good at showing me that I'm your top priority at home.  Thank you for helping me to coordinate regular date nights and for being such a fun, adventurous date!  I think our favorite date will always be having a leisurely meal, pretending we are foodies (we watch Top Chef so we know everything, right?), sipping on some vino, and having some high-quality uninterrupted conversation.  I think we'll always have something new to talk about because you are always wanting to learn something new, work on an aspect of our marriage, improve our parenting skills, or grow even closer to God.  We almost always agree on most things, so it's actually fun when we don't agree and have a chance to make our case.  

Dinner date for my birthday

Our dinner drinks with tapas at España
I am so excited to see what your 29th year has in store for you!  It looks to be a big year of transition and change, and I look forward to going through all of it with you by my side.  You are always such an optimistic and calming presence for our little family.  I have no doubt that it will all work out swimmingly.  I am excited for you to get to start practicing medicine on your own and bless your partners and patients by your presence.  I love your humbleness, but you need to know that you're an absolute rockstar!  Thank you for choosing a profession that simultaneously challenges you while allowing you to have a healthy balance as husband and father.  I'm of course selfishly glad that the crazy hours of residency will soon be a distant memory, but I'm more happy for you so that you can have more time for hobbies, guy time, our parish, our kids, and our marriage.  

Cheers to your 29th year!  God willing, I pray that we will have many, many more years of joy-filled marriage together!    

Christmas 2013

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