Thursday, February 13, 2014

Small Success Thursday #7

Writing this as quickly as I can and going to bed, so this is going to be the lamest Small Success Thursday post ever:

  • Jane turned 4, and I think she'd say that she had a great day.  More on our fun day another time!
  • I survived another week of subcontractors and household disasters in preparation for listing the house.  Yes, there are two streams of water coming out of that faucet.
  • I got the kids' Valentine presents weeks ago, and I actually remembered to set them out.  Books, a puzzle, stickers, and spinning tops.  Harry didn't get a card because he's 6 months old.  Does that make me a bad mom?
  • Philip got to have a man date tonight with a buddy, and he said he had a great time.  Yay for Philip taking time for himself!
  • This guy loves green beans, but he mostly loves wearing them.  This was his first food other than rice cereal.  Let the love affair with food begin!

Your turn!  What are your small successes from the week?  Come over to CatholicMom to join the fun and share!  If you're using social media, use the hashtag #SmallSuccess.  Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Your faucet looks like ours---leaking. :-)

  2. That was totally NOT Lame. That's life mama!
    Your children are darling and who doesn't love a two-stream sink?
    Seriously - contract work requires adult capri suns (you know the frozen drinks in pouches)....