Thursday, February 27, 2014

Busy Day

Today's post is going to be short and sweet because it's been a busy day.  After I publish this, it's time to put my feet up, have a glass of wine, and watch a show with Philip!

Philip was able to come home around lunchtime, and we spent the rest of the day prepping for our realtor's visit tonight.  Aside from filling out some more paperwork and discussing important details, we finalized the staging of the house.  

Harry thinks selling the house is exhausting!  He fell asleep on this blanket while we wrapped things up  with our realtor.  Sweetie pie!

It took longer than we anticipated, but it's a relief to have the house almost 100% ready and have all of our questions answered.

I wanted to share a few shots of the family room.  

After nearly six years, I finally updated the throw pillows.  I didn't realize how bad our other throw pillows were until I asked a close girlfriend what she thought.  When she told me, "You should either not leave those out or get new ones," I knew it was time!  I found these cute ones at Garden Ridge.  

I'm so proud of myself for getting bright and fun colors since I usually play it safe.  They photograph well against the dark couch and chair, too.  What a difference some new pillows make!

Alright, off to spend some time with Philip!

*     *     *

This is my 4th of 7 posts in Jen Fulwiler's "7 Days, 7 Posts" challenge.  Come on over, join in the fun link-up, and read some great blogs!

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