Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting Dressed All By Herself

Ever since her 4th birthday, Miss Jane is all about picking out her own outfits.  If it's a day when she has preschool, she insists on wearing her uniform all day.  Otherwise, she wants to put the outfit together all by herself.  Lately, she asks, "May I have privacy, please?" for the outfit selection process.  When she emerges fully dressed and coiffed, she likes to ask me to take a picture of the finished product.  Little brother Walt likes to join the photo shoot, too.  Here are a few of the wardrobe choices from last week:

I love the poses.

"It's all blue, Mama!"  I think the Sofia the First Halloween costume amulet and Hello Kitty socks pull the look together.

Did you know this season is all about monochromatic looks?  "It's all black, Mama!  Walt, I'm wearing your Thomas hat!"
So, the rest of you parents, I have some questions for you just because I'm curious.  I'd love to know what limits you place on your kiddos' wardrobe choices at this age.  Are your rules dependent on whether or not you're leaving the house or have company that day?  Do you try to correct fashion faux pas?  When do you insist on a wardrobe change?  Are the kids allowed to go to the grocery store dressed as a fairy?  

We had a "leggings are not pants" lesson last week.  This raising girls stuff is going to be tricky in the clothing department, huh?  I loved school uniforms as a student, and I think I'll love them even more as a parent.     

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  1. Really the only time I intervene in Lucy's clothing selections is if it is a danger to her (clothes not appropriate for weather conditions), or if her attire will cause issues or be distracting, e.g., wearing her princess dress would be distracting for the other kids at something like Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Beauty of homeschooling is it really doesn’t matter most days, so it’s a battle I don’t have to fight. At least for now.

  2. Hooray for independence! As far as outfit choices, Chloe had an opinion about what she wanted to wear by 18 months. I quit fighting it and let her decide and we were all happier because of it. Sometimes, I would intervene if we were going somewhere and she needed something nicer or a little more appropriate on; but usually, I let her decide. This meant that every day, for several months and all through summer, she wore a purple hoodie and a crochet beanie hat everytime we stepped out the door, even in 95 degree weather. At 2 (or now 3) people still think it's cute. She has worn several faux paus, but when she's happy and proud of herself, who am I to tell her otherwise? And over time, her outfit choices have amazingly improved all on her own.