Thursday, February 20, 2014

Small Success Thursday #8

Here are our small successes for this week:

Harry is 6 months old and more interested in playing peek-a-boo than packing boxes
It's been another wild week as we get ready to list the house.  March 3 is the official day it goes on the market.  Fortunately, that means having workers in the house is nearing an end.  The bad news is that means showings are on the horizon!  

Jane and Walt are both developing an appreciation for parenting.  Yesterday, Jane sat in the nursery chair while I changed Harry's diaper.
Jane:  Oh, Harry has a poopy diaper, Mommy!  When I am a kindergartener, can I change Harry's diaper?
Me:  Absolutely!  Why do you want to help change Harry?
Jane:  Because babies are so cute and tiny!  I love babies!
When I ask Jane what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer varies.  She has answered a doctor, a veterinarian, a nurse, a chef, a ballerina, etc.  In addition to whatever her answer is, she always says, "and a mommy.  I want to have a lot of babies!"

While Walt was admiring our painter working this morning, I asked Walt, "Do you want to be a painter when you grow up?"  He said, "No, a DADDY!"  He has such a sweet and loving disposition.  He loves playing with Baby Harry.

My dear friend's husband decided to get rid of some clothes that he wasn't wearing anymore, and she asked if Philip would be interested.  Philip is the lucky recipient of a few suits, dress shirts, a corduroy jacket, and several polos.  Yay for a new wardrobe and generous friends!  

We had a big weekend celebrating Jane and Philip's birthdays with both sides of our family.

Sunday morning and early afternoon, we hung out with Philip's parents, his brother, and his sister.  

Walt loves Papa because he fueled him up with chocolate cupcakes

Yay!  Jane got a house for her new Critters!  Thanks, Mimi and Papa!

Uncle Connor generously gave Jane and Walt a ride.
Sunday night, we went to my brother and sister-in-law's to celebrate the February birthdays with my parents, siblings, and their kiddos.

February birthdays - Philip, Jane, & Uncle Matt
Frances, Jenny, and Harry
 Uncle Matt joined us for dinner last night.  The kids had a ball playing with him!

Walt especially enjoyed teaching Matt about Thomas and all of his engine friends
The kids are lucky to have all of their fun uncles!
Uncle Matt even joined us for bedtime stories and gave unique readings of a few of the stories.  The kids wish he could help with bedtime every night!
I know, I know, it was more like another week in review post, but that's alright!  I'm sticking with it because this is my 8th Small Success Thursday post.  I haven't missed a week yet!  

Your turn!  What are your small successes from this week?  Head over to CatholicMom to join in the fun and share.  If you're using social media, use the hashtag #SmallSuccess.


  1. Sounds like a pretty excellent week! For the record, when my older kids were 6 and 2, we sold the house we were living in at the time. I went crazy trying to keep it neat for showings. Then one day my 2-year-old got croup, and we all rushed out to an early doctor's appointment. I didn't clean up before we left--too much of a rush with a sick toddler. We came home to find our realtor in the middle of a "surprise!" showing, and those were the people who eventually bought the house.