Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Putting the Easter Baskets to Use Early

I got out some of our Easter decorations today.  The kids eyed the Easter some plastic Easter baskets and had to have them NOW.  

I thought it would be a good idea to put them to use early, so I asked the kids if they wanted to play a game with the baskets.  The answer to that question is always, "YESSSSSS!!!"

I said that we were going to have a "Color Scavenger Hunt."  It went a little something like this:

  • One person picks a color
  • Mom sets the timer for 5 minutes
  • Once Mom pushes, "start," each person goes around the house with their basket, collecting items that are that color
  • When time is up, everyone gathers around the ottoman
  • Together, we count the items that everyone found
We actually started with this bunny container that Jane's holding, but we quickly switched to the baskets after realizing that we couldn't fit much in the bunny container.  Here's what we found for RED.  (Walt picked the color first.  He picked red because of Lightning McQueen.  Duh.  Notice how Lightning is in the pile?)

After that round, I switched the time to 3 minutes.  Here's what they found for blue.

After two rounds, Jane decided she needed a tote bag for all of her discoveries.  Here's what the kids found for yellow.

Black was a little trickier.  We had to get a little more creative to find items that were black--a hanger, kitchen utensils, keys, a remote, etc.  In this picture, you can see Walt getting creative with his contributions.  He decided the undercarriage of Lightning McQueen's car counted as a black item.  Points for creativity, buddy!  I like it!

What fun activities do you do when you have free time to burn with the kiddos?  Do you have a use for your Easter baskets beyond holding Easter morning goodies or collecting eggs?

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