Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First Visit to the "Family Store"

I shared our new Happy Saint Reward System last week.  (In case you'd like to learn more about it, here's the system overview, and here's how I made the coins & jars.)  

The first week of the reward system culminated in a visit to our new "Family Store."  The kids brought their saint coin jars downstairs to "buy" items from the 5, 10, and 15 coin bins.  For now, we're using laundry baskets.  Maybe we'll change it up after the big move.

First, the kids surveyed the goods.  The 5 bin had things like a big tub of play-doh, bubbles, small hand-held toys, and other small items.  The 10 bin had a monster book, a learn how to doodle book, a red phone, stamp markers, scented markers, and some other medium items.  The 15 bin had big ticket items like a Melissa & Doug Joey magnetic dress-up set, a box of stencils, ABC rubber stamps, and picture rubber stamps.  

Still checking out the goods...

Counting their coins with Daddy

They can pool their coins together for larger items, carry them over into the next week, or buy whatever they'd like for that week.  Jane and Walt both opted to buy!  

Here's Walt "paying" for his purchase.

He got this Hear Myself Sound Phone!  It's supposed to improve children's speech skills because they hear their own voices very clearly.   I think he said, "HELLO?!" 1,000,000 times that night!  

He was very proud of his purchase and had a few coins leftover.

Miss Jane went for the harmonica.  She couldn't get enough of it!

The kids continue to work hard to behave well and help around the house.  They love this reward system, and it seems to be working well for everyone.  The kids perform their duties with pep in their step and high hopes of getting saint coins along the way.  They love looking at the pictures of the saints and asking about their lives. 

When they don't behave well or forget to do their jobs, my new lines are, "Saints don't talk like that," or, "Saints are happy to help because it makes Jesus happy."  Jane and Walt definitely get it because they've started saying things like, "I clear the table to make Jesus smile!" and, "I want to be a saint!"  

The Family Store will re-open this Friday, and the kids can't wait!  They're already talking about what kinds of items or special outings they'd like to "buy."  A special family trip to the ice cream store might be on the horizon if Jane and Walt pool their coins together...

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