Thursday, April 3, 2014

Consignment Shopping RULES!

When I found out that my favorite area consignment sale was happening this week, I asked my girlfriend Kelly to watch the kiddos for me so that I could shop.  Having a gal pal that stays home with sweet kiddos that love to play with my kids is such a blessing!  Thanks, Kelly!  You're the best.  :)

Thanks to Kelly, I was able to be at the consignment sale as they opened the doors to the public.  I was ready and raring to go with my two empty laundry baskets and cross-body purse so that I could be efficient and hands-free!

I'm still relatively new to this consigning stuff, so indulge me as I share my pictures.  I can't get over how great the clothes are for the price!

Check it out.  Here are my two overflowing baskets:

Let's get a little closer so that you can better appreciate the sheer quantity. 

And the second basket:

It's not just about quantity, people.  Let's look at a few of my favorite pieces up close and personal.

Here's a skirt from The Children's Place with the tags still on it.

A Ralph Lauren romper for Harry.  The only way I'm buying something Ralph Lauren for my baby to crawl in and vomit on is if it's a gift or second-hand!  $3.  THREE DOLLAH, people!  

Harry scored a "Future Freshman" Sesame Street Husker outfit, too.  Can't wait to see his chunky legs crawling around in it this summer!

OshKosh overalls are always a favorite at this house!

Harry's new Baby Gap lobster swim trunks.  Pass the sunblock! 

Here are a few pics of the kids' clothes grouped together.  

I bought Jane:
Shirts: 14
Skirts: 2
Shorts: 6
Pants/Leggings: 3
Dresses: 1
Jammies: 2

I got Walt:
Shirts: 18
Shorts: 9
Jammies: 4
Swim Trunks: 2
Swim Shirt: 1  

Do you think he's into Cars?  I only got him two Cars t-shirts, but I indulged on the swim trunks and swim shirt!

I got Harry:
Rompers/onesies/shirts: 12
Overalls: 1
Shorts: 4
Jammies: 1
Swim Trunks: 1

I'll have to fill in the gaps with things like socks, underwear, jammies, swimwear, etc., but I got almost all of the 3 kids' spring & summer clothing needs met in 2 hours.  

The best part?  This is the pricetag for all of those clothes:

That's 65 items of clothing!  

$253.20 / 65 = $3.90 per item

So, yeah, most of my kids' clothes are second-hand, but I DON'T CARE because we're saving buckets of money.  Most of the clothes that I purchased at the sale were from The Gap, Carter's, The Children's Place, or Gymboree.  We still buy some stuff new from nice stores so that they can be passed down from one child to the next (coats, shoes, etc.), but I'm quickly learning that most clothes don't survive one child's wear--at least in my family!  

Questions for you:
Do you go consignment shopping?  Do you have any tips or tricks to share?  Do you sell at consignment sales?  How does that work?  I've never been on the selling end before.  How do you handle clothing storage at your house?  Do you have a system for rotating things out seasonally?  Share your wisdom, friends!      

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