Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nostalgic for Now

Every now and then, I get this feeling that the days and weeks are flying by and that the kids are getting too big too quickly.  This was one of those weeks.  

I took a ton of pictures of the little, everyday things that happen around la maison Boucher.  

Philip's mom (aka "Mimi") got the kids the Frozen soundtrack, and it's been on repeat ever since they got it.  Walt loves it even more than Jane, and he always requests "the Frozen song."  That's his name for "Love is an Open Door."  As far as Walt's concerned, there is no other Frozen song.

For those of you who haven't seen the movie (what?!), "Love is an Open Door" is a cheesy love duet between Anna & Prince Hans.  Walt loves, loves, loves the song, and the highlight of his week is dropping Jane off at preschool so that he can pick the song we play and sing a cheesy duet with moi.  

Walt: I mean it's crazy...
Me: What?
Walt: We finish each other's--
Me:  Sandwiches!
Walt:  That's what I was gonna say!
Me:  I've never met someone--
Both: Who thinks so much like me!  Jinx!  Jinx again!

I love the time with the boys while Jane is at preschool.

But then I get nostalgic for time with Baby Jane.

Going with the Frozen theme, the mailman delivered the piano songbook to the movie a few days ago.  In all of the excitement, one of the piano legs fell off.  Whoops!  We've fixed it since, but we settled for three dining room chairs in the interim.  The kids like to plunk the keys and sing along.  One little guy may or may not have joined big sister in a tutu for the dance portion of the sing along...

It hit me this week that next year we won't have anymore "quiet mornings at home."  By that, I mean having all three kids at home at the same time in the morning.  I don't know why I call it a "quiet morning at home" since the loudest mornings are the ones with everyone home.  Regardless, I realized that next year Jane's going to MWF preschool, and Walt's going to T/TR, so we'll have one missing kiddo until lunchtime Monday-Friday.  That, my friends, makes me sad.  

No more leisurely weekday breakfasts like the one we had on Friday morning.

Mr. Harry is learning how to crawl, and he is a squirmy wormy!  Walt struggles to hold the not-so-little guy these days.  It'll be fun to see how they compare size-wise as the years go on.  

Ever since Harry started sitting in the highchair, he's become Monty's best friend.  Monty never leaves his side so long as he knows a yogurt puff, Cheerio, or miscellanous food item might be coming his way.  When Philip picks Harry up out of the highchair, he says, "Monty!  Come on!  It's your payday!" as he shakes the food off of Harry's clothes.  Can you spy Monty in this pic?  

I'm afraid Mr. Walt has a bad temper just like his mama.  Usually, like his mama, it's related to exhaustion (or hunger!).  I sent Walt to his room to cool down the other day.  When he didn't come back after a few minutes, I went to check on him.  The guy was passed out cold!  He might have a bad temper, but he also has a big, tender heart.  Such a cutie!

All of our babies have been very happy and easygoing, but Harry takes the cake.  Here he is, smiling away in the stroller during our visit to the park yesterday.  Let's hope we can put the snowflake infant carrier cover away pronto!  C'mon, spring!

Even though he likes being a squirmy wormy, Harry still has his cuddly moments.  Here he is, just hanging with Dad on the couch.  Oh, those rolls on his arm!  I can't handle the cuteness!

Do you ever get nostalgic for now?  

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