Friday, November 22, 2013

What a whirlwind of a week!

I'm feeling uninspired this Friday afternoon, so I thought I'd share picture highlights of the week. 

Raking leaves with Dad.  This picture epitomizes how the world must feel to a 2-year-old.  He's working soooooo hard with that little rake, and he feels like he's not making a dent.  

Jane in Philip's glasses.  I think it's a good look.

Just hangin' on the floor with the comforter and pillows while Mom and Dad make the bed.


Fun with pons

Happy Harry

Matching Doc McStuffins characters.  We found this Doc McStuffins Tot Pack on  1Plus1Plus1Equals1.

Sorting poms and doodling while Mom makes dinner (Well...sorting is kind of a loose term...)

Janie, singing lullabies, and Harry, flirting right back.  Oh, that smile!

Harry's saying, "Come a little closer.  Let me grab your nose!"

"Jingle Bells!"  These cluster bells came in the mail the other day.  We're going to have every member of the family ring them when we get to the words, "REJOICE!  REJOICE!" in "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" while we're around the Advent Wreath.  I have a feeling the bells will be jingling more than that, but that's okay!  

Rapunzel in her Minnie Mouse sunglasses and post-nap hair in all its glory

Very exclusive Brother-Sister tea party in the princess tent.  "Do you want to meet Mr. Teapot?  Oh, I guess he's in the potty.  He'll be right back!"

More Doc McStuffins matching (see above for the link) 
Philip let me sleep in this morning while he got ready and kept the kids entertained.  When I woke up, I found this note on the kitchen counter.  He had "interviewed" the kids with the question, "What do you love about Mommy?" and recorded their responses.  What a guy!

We're looking forward to a weekend of family time since Philip has an entire weekend off!  Hip hip hooray!  Kindly forgive me if I ignore any form of communication from the outside world until Monday.  

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