Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Happiness Project Resolutions (and a quick October Resolutions Recap)

Wow!  Where did October go?  I don't know how it's already November, but a new month means new resolutions to add to our Happiness Project.  (If you're wondering what in the world I'm talking about, read this post where I explain what our Happiness Project is all about!)  

Like last month, it's our hope that sharing the monthly resolutions via my blog will help hold us accountable.  We are adding to the October resolutions, so that means we will continue working on the October resolutions.  

In case you forgot, our October Happiness Project Resolutions were:

  1. Exercise
    • Catherine:  Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 1 (Tuesday & Thursday after preschool drop-off, Saturday)
    • Philip:  Running/elliptical 3x per week before leaving for work  (This will need to change for the month of November since Philip will be leaving EARLY in the morning to get to the hospital)
  2. Sleep
    • Harry's last feeding at 9:00 p.m.  In bed by 9:45, lights out by 10:30.
  3. Faith
    • 1 decade of the Rosary followed by nighttime prayers at the dinner table

Overall, I'd say October was a great month for our start to our Happiness Project.  We need to make a few adjustments to our exercise resolution because of the kiddos' schedules and Philip's work schedule.  Getting to bed earlier is wonderful!  Being a night owl is for the birds--especially when the kiddos wake up at 5:30 a.m....and the newborn has a 4:00 a.m. feeding...and daylight savings times ends or starts or whatever causes us to have "fallen back" an hour.  The nightly decade of the Rosary and nighttime prayers at the dinner table continues to be a regular thing around here.  We even got to have our friend, Fr. Craig, join us for prayers one night when he came for dinner!  

Having these resolutions gave me the energy to tackle a few nagging tasks.  With a move to Lincoln on the horizon, I'm starting to purge and organize areas of the house.  

  • I cleaned out, reorganized, and labeled the kitchen pantry.  Oh, how I love looking at the alphabetically ordered spices!  
  • I finally tackled the headache of going through my clothes and unburdening myself of all of the clothes I don't fit into.  Ironically, freeing myself of the clothes that don't fit made me feel like I lost 10 pounds.  Now, when I open my closet door, I can and will actually wear every item in there.
We also tried to incorporate more fun:

Onto a new month!  Here we come, November!      

November Happiness Project Resolutions

  1. Couple prayer time right when we get to bed--no dozing!
  2. "You can do anything for 15 minutes."  Work for 15 minutes daily on these 4 things:
    • 1 Shutterfly album (To be completed & ordered 11/30)
    • Add & edit recipes to Paprika (recipe organizing app)
    • Return/draft e-mails
    • Decide on & prepare activity to do with the kids for the next day
  3. Do at least 1 of the following activities daily with the kids, and do each at least once a week:
    • craft
    • baking
    • library
    • outing
    • play date
    • enrichment/homeschool-esque activity
    • write letters
  4. Family thankfulness
    • Share & record favorite moment of the day/what we are thankful for over dinner
  5. Budget
    • Streamline
    • Agree on limits
    • Organize all passwords/account information
    • Transition job to me
  6. Will
    • Complete & make it official
  7. Philip's Resolutions
    • Eat four salads a week for lunch
    • Do 10 pediatrics boards questions a day
    • Put away all electronics from dinnertime to kids' bedtime (for both of us)
    • Read 1-2-3 Discipline book

I am working on a resolutions chart to post on the fridge that will help hold us accountable.  I'll share it as soon as it's made.  Please keep our Happiness Project in your prayers!  

Do you have any Happiness Project Resolutions?  Share away!

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