Thursday, November 7, 2013

"M" is for Mouse

You know how they say, "The good borrow; the great steal"?  Well, I always applied that to my time as a high school Spanish teacher, and I'm definitely applying that philosophy to my time at home with the kiddos.  No need to reinvent the wheel with so many fun ideas out there!

Remember how I said I wanted to do more homeschool-esque activities with the kiddos as one of my November Happiness Project Resolutions?  The kids are very into letters these days, so I decided to get back into making alphacritters (letters that look like animals).  

Today, we made an "M" that looked like a mouse.  I stole the idea from The Measured Mom.  If you've never checked out that blog before, do yourself a favor and head over there for some great preschool crafts!

Back to the "M" Mouse...

First, I made my own mouse model while Jane was at preschool.

Then, I laid out my model with two blank "M"s for Jane and Walt.

I gave each kiddo a glue stick and a few pieces at a time to glue to their "M"s.

As I expected, Jane was super into attaching the pieces to her mouse while Walt preferred playing with the glue stick.  He quickly lost interest in craft time and decided to play with his trains!

The ears and the nose...

The whiskers...

We couldn't resist pretending we had whiskers!

Final touches...


Silly monkey always smiles better when she can see herself on the iPhone!  

Our mice creations are hanging together on the kitchen wall.  Jane says, "They're mouse friends!"

I like Jane's "M" Mouse better.  It has character.

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  1. How funny that you just did this craft! I just pinned the same one to my planning board for our "M" week (next week). They are quite darling, and I am a big fan of Jane's spunky mouse.