Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Keeping the Christmas Season Organized

Last year, I created a Christmas Planner and shared it on my blog here.  I thought I'd share the information again in case anyone would find it helpful.  Why do all of that work if you're not going to share?!


My Christmas planner includes the following categories:

  1. Budget 
    • divided by categories: gifts, charitable giving, decorations, Christmas cards, etc.
  2. Master gift list 
    • recipient, where purchased, whether it has been purchased/delivered, cost, wrapped, running total
  3. Stocking stuffers 
    • recipient, where purchased, cost, running total - this helps to make sure things are "even" among everyone
  4. Room-by-room décor 
    • item, where placed, where stored
  5. Menus/Recipes
    • Listed here (stored on Paprika)
  6. Our Holiday Traditions
    • List of activities and dates we do each year 
  7. Advent Wreath 
    • Booklet with reflections, lyrics to songs we sing, etc.
  8. Jesse Tree 
    • reflections to read for each ornament
  9. Ornament Journal 
    • the place to write down who give us our various ornaments and what they mean to us
  10. Holiday Favorites 
    • books, movies, music, wish list
  11. Recipes to Try
  12. Craft Projects
  13. Entertaining 
    • buffet lay-out ideas, cocktail recipes, bar set-up, Pandora stations or playlists, Christmas Minute to Win it games, etc.
  14. Christmas Card 
    • archive old favorites, keep list of recipients & addresses, shopping information for cards & stationery
  15. Post-Holiday Debriefing 
    • Write down what went wrong, what went right, and what you want to keep the same or change for future years

If you are interested in making your own Christmas planner, feel free to download any of my files via a shared Google folder here.  

Today, I discovered on Catholic Icing that Lacy (the creator) made an ebook called "The Advent Christmas Planner."  I'm planning on buying a copy myself because it looks fantastic!  I'll let you head over to Catholic Icing to read her description.  Some of the planner looks like mine (forms for budgets and that sort of thing), but she also has a ton of great ways to celebrate the season with activities and pictures.

From Catholic Icing
If you're interested, "The Advent Christmas Planner" is on sale for $10 for two weeks (reduced from $12).  I supposed I should mention that I did not get paid or endorsing this planner!!!

As I wrote last year, I made my Christmas planner to relieve stress and keep things more organized.  I am so glad I have this information archived in one central location.  Remember to make the Christmas planner work for you and your family.  If it's becoming too much work, it might not be your style!  Remember, the goal is to reduce your stress around the Christmas season and focus on "the reason for the season."  If this binder and organizing is your sort of thing, then great!  If it's not, then fuhgettaboutit and step away from the label maker!

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