Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paint Chip Clothespin Color Matching Game

I'm trying to build up an arsenal of fun, educational activities for what I affectionately call "pseudo-homeschooling."  Since Jane and Walt alternate the mornings that they're at preschool, we're spending some of our one-on-one time while Harry is napping doing school-esque stuff.  The activities come in handy when I'm looking for things that will keep their hands and minds busy while I'm prepping or cleaning up from mealtime, too.  

Yesterday morning, I put together this paint chip clothespin color matching game.  

Yup, that's my own picture and text overlaying the picture, folks.  In addition to posing as a real crafter, I'm pretending I'm a fancy blogger, too!
I got the idea for this game from Pinterest last year, and I finally put it together.  It's an easy craft and educational game for poser crafters like me.  

To make the paint chip clothespin color match game, you'll need:
  • 2 sets of identical paint chip samples in varying shades.  (I like the wide, 4-color samples in bold, rainbow colors.)
  • Clothespins (I found mine at the Dollar Store)
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick  

Easy-peasy instructions:
  • Cut out a rectangular piece from each color sample
  • Attach the color sample to the end of a clothespin with the gluestick
  • Wait for glue to set
  • Voila!  Kids are ready to attach the clothespins to the corresponding samples

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