Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Harry!

Harold Fulton Boucher,

Your baptism day
I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your precious life today.  If I sit and let myself be quiet, I immediately tear up thinking about how you came to be.  Had our pregnancy with your big sister, Thérése, gone to term, you never would have been.  Two weeks after your sister went to be with God, God sent you to be with us.  The whole experience taught us that all of you babies are on loan, and it's Daddy's and my job to help lead you back to God.  Blessed be God for sending you when we least expected you and most needed you! 

Snuggles in the hospital
In one word, you are happy.  You are a serious flirt and give out smiles 'round the clock.  

Your first smile, captured on film at a few weeks old
You've had two ear infections this first year, and they both happened to coincide with teething, but your pediatrician dad and I nearly missed them because you are always so, so happy!

You love being a baby brother and being spoiled by Jane and Walt.  You crawl alongside them in the family room (or wherever we are) to see what they're up to and how you can join in.  You "talk" with them in your jibber jabber, and they talk right back with you.  

After meeting you, Jane decided she wants to have five babies because you're so sweet!  She loves being a little mama with you.  Lately, she pretends that she's talking for you in a little voice.  "I want a bottle, Mommy!  I'm hungry!  Where's my binkie?!"  Jane could spend her whole day tickling you and playing next to you with her dollhouse. 

When I asked Jane to give you a few Cheerio's while I made dinner 
Pushing you at the park this morning
Walt's affection for you has slowly grown into a full-fledged love affair.  
Cuddles on the couch while Jane is at preschool
Walt wasn't thrilled when you started trying to take apart the train table or crawling off with his engines, but he's learned a little trick.  When he sees you coming for his toys, he grabs you a stuffie or toy he's not playing with.  He loves having you around so long as he isn't trying to play with whatever you're playing with at the moment.  In fact, Walt is getting his big boy furniture next week.  He told me this morning that it would be fun to have a bunk bed "so that I can have a room with Harry.  Harry can be on the top bunk."  We'll definitely be waiting on the bunk bed set-up for a few years, but Walt's right that he'd be on the bottom since he's so cautious, and you'd be on top since you're my little daredevil!

You are growing and changing so much lately!  You can't get enough of food--especially watermelon and all of the fun summer fruits.  I know you're going to love your birthday cake tonight!  You are *this* close to walking.  You cruise around the family room furniture, but you've become such an efficient crawler that you're more interested in getting where you want to go quickly.  I'm kinda sad you do the normal version of crawling these days instead of your crazy worm move!  It was always the talk of the town on play dates or at the St. Joe's playground.  

Your favorite pastime is crawling away from me as quickly as you can and turning back to make sure I'm chasing you.

Thank you for bringing our family so much joy this past year.  Thank you for healing our hearts while we were grieving for your sister, Thérése.  How lucky are we to have a saint in heaven and you?!  I know you and Thérése will always have a special connection.  She has already proven a powerful intercessor for our family, and I'm sure you'll be calling on her throughout your life.  

I look forward to watching you learn and grow this year.  In your first year, you've taught me how to be at peace, how to trust in God's perfect timing, and to be thankful for the graces to shoulder crosses when they come.  I thank God for the gift that you are for our family, and I'm so glad that He entrusted you to us.  God knows well the plans He has for you, and I know they are big plans for good, sweetie pie! 

Love you so much,

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