Saturday, June 28, 2014

Open the champagne! Residency is OVER!

HALLELUJAH!  Philip had his last (overnight) shift of residency last night.  It's become our family tradition to have donuts after the overnight shifts, so Philip brought home some tasty pastries to celebrate.  

It's been a long haul, and I am so proud of Philip!  Anytime we have a big milestone, I get all sentimental and have to go back down memory lane.  

Here are a few pictures from our journey:

Match Day
St. Patrick's Day, 2011
13-month-old Jane (and Elmo) joined us on stage to learn our fate
Fortunately for us, Philip matched exactly where he wanted, and we got to stay in Omaha for residency.  Yay!

So happy and excited to get to stay in Omaha for residency!
Medical school graduation, May 2011
(Walt was born a week later)
The first day of Philip's 3-year pediatric residency program
July 2013
Celebratory donuts on the last day of Philip's "night float" month (translation: a month of exclusively working night shifts).  That was the month before Harry was born.

It's bragging time...

Sorry that picture is so crummy.  I was so excited and my vision was blurred with my tears, so I had trouble capturing the moment with my phone camera.  

For all of you who weren't there, I took this picture at the annual banquet recognizing the graduating pediatric residents.  The banquet just so happened to take place the night before we moved to Lincoln!  Every year, the Children's Hospital nursing staff selects a pediatric resident who they believe provides exemplary care to the patients and is a pleasure to work alongside.  This picture is of Philip receiving that award--for the second time during his 3 years of residency.  

Philip, I had to bring up this big deal award because it illustrates the kinda guy you are.  We all know the kind of ego that comes along with having M.D. behind someone's name (wink), but not with you.  I know I'm biased because I'm your bride, but I'd bet the house that you're among the sharpest and most talented residents the program has ever seen.  But that's not why you received that award.  That award is all about that big heart of yours.  You give your patients the highest level of care, you comfort & cheerlead their parents, you work as a team player alongside the other medical staff, but you remain meek as you learn something with every patient interaction.  For those reasons, I'm not surprised that the hospital nursing staff chose to honor you 2 of the 3 years you served alongside them.  It must be a pain in the neck working with some of you doctor types (ha!), but you know how important every member of the medical staff is--especially those awesome nurses.

I have to share this because I think it illustrates why you received the Service Excellence Award:  It became your tradition on the last day of each rotation to leave the house extra early so that you could bring the nurses special treats as a thank you for their help that month.  Because you value the work I do at home so much, I know the respect you carry over to the nursing staff who, in many ways, mother those precious patients during their hospital stays.  Of all of the things you've done during your time in residency (and you've done big deal stuff like save kids' lives), I think I'm most proud of the way you've honored the nursing staff in your interactions with them.  Way to go, honey!

Philip & the kids before he left for his last night shift of residency.  
Had to capture my cute husband in scrubs for the last time!

Philip snapped this shot on his way home this morning.  Even though we've lived in Lincoln for a month, the reality of it all is finally starting to sink in this morning.

Philip, playing cars with the kids after our celebratory donuts.  I am so excited to see a whole lot more of this.  
When Philip came home this morning, Walt said, "You miss work, Daddy?"  They can't believe that from now on Daddy gets to sleep at home every night.  When I told them that Daddy gets to be on vacation for a few weeks before he starts his new job, they couldn't wrap their minds around it.  Daddy is a hot commodity around here, and they're thrilled to get to spend all of this time with him.  

Congratulations, "Dr. Phil"!  We are all so proud of your achievement!  You are going to make a fantastic pediatrician.  The families in Lincoln are lucky to have you.  

Cheers to this calmer, simpler chapter in our lives!  It's so much fun to feel like our lives are no longer in a holding pattern.  It's time to put down roots, get settled, and adjust to the new normal.  Normal is good, and we're loving it!

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