Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fun in the Sun

I love the summer!  After a long, long winter, it is so much fun to get everyone outside as much as possible.

The other night, Jane and Walt ran around in the sprinkler and played with the water table after dinner.  Meanwhile, Philip mowed the front lawn, Harry had a ball in the shade in his pack and play full of toys, and I snapped pics of the monkeys in action.

Last night, Philip and I sat in the driveway with Harry while "the big kids" played on everything with wheels.

"See you later!"
"Hi, Mama!"
I love Walt's cheesy selfie smile
I equally love Janie's silly smirk when she knows she's getting her picture taken
They thought they were pumping up the tricycle tires
Jane got distracted and started pumping up the metal when she heard the neighbor boys running by
Entranced by the neighbor boys
Taking turns blowing up each other's cheeks with the bike pump

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