Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 Years Ago Today

6 years ago today, Philip and I were on our honeymoon in Rome.    What a way to start a marriage, huh?  Not only were we in Rome, but we were getting our marriage blessed by Pope Benedict XVI at a Wednesday audience in St. Peter's Square.  (I wrote another post about the day we received our papal blessing here.)  

As we were seated for the papal blessing, we realized our Newman Center friends, Tim and Sara, were seated right next to us!   Without knowing it, we had all decided to honeymoon in Rome at the same time and receive a papal blessing.  6 years later, we're living in the same city, and Sara and I are in the same Catholic women's Bible study.        

I love looking back at the photos from our honeymoon, especially from the day of our papal blessing.  I know our marriage was strengthened by the graces we received that day.  How cool is it that we got to spend some of the first days of our new life together in Rome?!  Oh, to be able to go back...and eat lots and lots of gelato.

Today, 6 years after our papal blessing, things are equally as adventurous and romantic!  There is rarely a dull moment with our three little musketeers.  

Today's AM trip to Target

My lunch dates

Monty wanted to be in the shot
It's funny thinking about how much has changed since our honeymoon.  Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the rest of the trip:

I wish I could tell you where they were from and where they were going, but those caged chickens were getting a papal blessing, too!
In the Colosseum
Making authentic Italian pizza in one of our favorite restaurants from the trip
Trevi Fountain
Another delicious dinner
Selfie in front of the statue of Bruno
I loved the Swiss Guards's uniforms
From our private tour of the Vatican Museum after hours.  Let me tell ya...going through there with only a dozen people is an experience I won't soon forget! 

This Sacred Heart School girl had to pay a visit to Mater

We had to snap a picture of these Pope John Paul II suckers (now they would be saint suckers!)
My hunk of a husband in front of the Colosseum
St. Peter's after our tour of the Vatican Museum
When we were strolling around Rome hand-in-hand, Philip and I talked about the family we wanted to have.  God blessed us big time with our beautiful kiddos, and our days are anything but ordinary!  Life might not be as glamorous as nighttime strolls in Rome, but I'd pick our new life any day.  Philip's residency is *nearly* over, so it feels like our life as a normal family is just beginning.  With a new city, a new house, and Philip's new job, it's like a second honeymoon.  Who knows what the next 6 years will bring!  God has taught us one thing: keep Him at the center of our marriage, and He will not be outdone in generosity.       

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