Sunday, April 7, 2013

Family Trip to the Zoo

Do you want to know why Philip is the best husband ever?  He worked an overnight shift at the hospital on Friday, came home Saturday morning, and he insisted that he would rather take a family trip to the zoo than take a snooze.  In typical Husband and Father of the Year fashion, he gave me a big hug and said he was looking forward to our family outing.  "Go and take a nice, warm shower.  Have some you time since you've been working so hard with the kids.  I'll pack us some lunches and get the kids ready.  Let's leave by 9:30."

We had a great morning at the zoo.  Here are a few pictures of our fun trip:

We told the kids that there were new baby lion cubs at the zoo, so they insisted on bringing their stuffed Nala & Simba from "The Lion King."  Here's Walt, holding up Nala to this tiger's cage, and saying, "Hi, Tiger!"

Watching the new lion cubs play with each other.

Giving the goats some love at the petting zoo.

The rhino looked like he needed a hug.

Jane thought this turtle wanted to give her a ride.  She was disappointed when he didn't actually move.

Taking a break for lunch.  This peacock stayed nearby since Janie & Walt liked to throw him some food.

Jane in timeout for stealing Walt's chips.  If there's one thing you should never do to Walt, it is steal his food.

Finishing our visit at the aquarium.  Walt is pretty fanatical about "Finding Nemo" these days, so every single fish (clown fish or not) is "Nemo."  He ran from one tank to the next saying, "Wook!  Wook!  Memo!  Memo!"

Thanks to Philip for taking one for the team and for wanting to take a trip to the zoo instead of a snooze.  Once we got home, the kids had some baths, we read some stories, and everyone took a two-hour nap.  Then, Janie and I went to her little friend's birthday party while Philip and Walt had some guy time at home.  Janie and I picked up some pizza on the way home from the birthday party, and Philip and I watched some of our favorite shows after the kids went to bed.  It was a great Saturday!

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