Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Update and Lenten Facebook Fast

We had my family over for the February birthdays on Sunday.  It's always such a joy to see our family all together--especially the little cousins.  It's pretty incredible watching your children play with your siblings' kids.   My favorite part is seeing how different they are and the personality traits they might have picked up from their parents.  Jane, unfortunately, picked up her mother's trait of struggling to wake up gracefully from naptime.  She had a marathon nap before everyone came over, and she wasn't thrilled to have her picture taken...

Jane's trying to escape.  Sorry she used you for leverage, Lucy!

Calm cousins without Jane
 Once she had some food in her and a chance to play with her cousins, she was a happy camper again.

Kiddie Table

Birthday Cake

I made it low-fat, of course

For part of my Lenten promises, I'm giving up Facebook.  The fact that I had to consider whether or not I could do it coupled with the thoughts of the things that would make it difficult for me solidified that a Facebook Fast was necessary!  I'll be anxious to see what kind of withdrawal symptoms come about.  Stay tuned.  I know you're supposed to do your Lenten promises in private, but I'm cluing you all in so you don't think I'm a complete jerk for not responding to any posts or messages. 

I know many of you reach my blog via Facebook.  If that's the case, consider subscribing through the RSS Feed so that you'll continue getting blog updates while I'm away from Facebook during Lent.  If my readership goes down, I'll just take that as an exercise in humility and get the hint that you needed a break from me, too!  :)  

Off to upload some last pics on Facebook before Lent begins, and then it's off to work on a craft item.  More on the craft later.  

Have a blessed start to your Lent! 

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