Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week In Review

Recent Milestones/Developments/Victories/Funny Things:
Our gaggy baby Walt is adjusting to textures!  This week he tried yogurt bites, puffs, and moved on to 3rd stage foods.  He must be going through a growth spurt because he suddenly has an insatiable appetite and he's taking long naps.

We're working on teaching Jane how to pray before meals.  On Wednesday morning, Jane and I prayed before breakfast and started eating.  A few minutes into her oatmeal, Jane put her spoon down and spontaneously attempted the prayer by herself.  "Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  Amen."  Hooray!  Sure, she had a crazy combination of hand gestures, but it's starting to look and sound like the real deal.  Hearing her little voice pray so slowly and reverently reminds me to slow down. 

When I got Walt up from his nap today there was a rosary in the crib with him.  I don't know how it got in there.  My suspicion is that Jane thought Walt needed to work on his prayer life.  Maybe it would help him to stop swiping her toys. 

Favorite Quotes of the Week:
From the changing table this morning.  Jane said, "Daddy work.  Daddy loves me!"

Whenever I get the diaper bag down or put on a jacket, Jane says, "Mama shopping?  Church?"

Every time we arrived in the parish parking lot this week for events, Jane said, "Church!  Jesus!" 

Looking at nightlight in nursery on rocking chair, Jane said, "Oh, woooooooooow!"  She quickly followed with, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

The pregnant squirrel came to visit everyday.  At least we think the squirrel is pregnant.  Maybe she's just fat and I'm not helping her to make good choices with her diet.  She loves NutriGrain bars. 
Where did my baby go?!  Walt's size 12 month clothes are getting tight and his 12-24 month socks squeeze his chunky calves and ankles like sausages. 
We had record high temperatures early in the week and went for a walk on Monday night.  It was so nice to get out and about as a family in the fresh air. 
The hummus was in the middle of the table.  When I had my back turned, Jane pulled it closer to her, scooped a big heap out of the bowl, and put it on her tray.  This girl loves her hummus!
Walt loves his food and has to have it right away.  He was starting to whimper, and Jane immediately ran out of the room.  I thought she might have been trying to escape the noise.  She came back a few seconds later with her ladybug nightlight.  She pushed it up on Walt's tray and said, "Here, Walt.  Ladybug."
The Girls
Philip playing with the kids after dinner
There's no such thing as too many accessories, Mom.
Sometimes Walt makes faces that are so eerily Philip.  I love those footie jammies. 
I've started pushing Jane into the table without the tray that goes on her booster chair.  That way she can eat from the table like a big girl.  She was eating some Goldfish crackers Thursday morning, and I left her while I went to change Walt's diaper.  I was gone for less than a minute when I heard a huge crash.  She had pushed herself back and the side strap on her booster seat came loose.  The momentum must have sent the whole chair backward.  Jane was shaken up, but she didn't get hurt.  As I was hugging her, she said through tears, "Mama, I scare you?  Goldfish SCARY!"  She decided that Goldfish crackers are now very scary things. 
SNOW!  We received about 10" of snow on Saturday.  This is the view from our living room window.  A burning bush usually blocks the view, but the weight from the snow bent the branches down to the ground!
The deck.  Check out the precariously leaning pine...
Walt and Monty, hanging on the couch

Philip had to work all day today.  Fortunately, he made it there and back through the snow in his little Honda Civic.  We're looking forward to a quiet family day tomorrow at home.  

On to preparations for Jane's birthday next week!  How is she already 2?! 

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