Monday, February 13, 2012

Janie Turns 2!

Janie turned two on Saturday, and we had a Barney-themed birthday party to celebrate.  Here are a few pictures of the preparations and festivities. 
Jane's Happy Birthday Sign
Dino cookies out of the oven
Frosted dinosaur sugar cookies.  (Great job decorating, Philip!)
Slicing open the crayons (you'll see why later)
Chopping up the crayons
Into the dinosaur molds
Crayons out of the oven

Ta da!  Dino crayons!
Dino PBJ
Dino chicken nuggets
Janie's cake
Make a wish...
Do you think they're related?

Partying with Aunt Maddy
Opening presents.  She tried to hold everything all at once!
Barney DVD!  Yessss!
Family Shot.  The one picture we have of Janie in her full outfit (well, minus the bow.  Close enough!)
Walt loved the balloons

Hours and hours of fun

Another round of "Happy Birthday" that night as a family
It was a fantastic day.  In fact, I think Jane would say it was the best day so far in her two years of life!  Janie is (and we are) so blessed to have such good buddies to help us celebrate.  I didn't get pictures of everything I wanted to that day because we were so busy having fun and visiting with our friends.  That's what matters, after all!  Thank you to everyone who made it such a special day for Janie.  We love you!

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