Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week in Review

I've done it a bit before, but I decided to start writing down the little things the kids do each week as they happen and consolidate them into a weekly post.  This way, I have a weekly summary of where the kids are developmentally and a record of the things I never want to forget.  There are so many little moments throughout each day that leave me with that "my cup runneth over" feeling.  I know I'll be glad to have these memories recorded--especially on those "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad" days when I need a little lift!

So, with that said, here's what happened this week:     


The Swiffer Sweeper is Jane's favorite toy lately.  She loved to pretend to sweep the floors with it, and today she found a new use for the sweeper.  She saw an episode of Barney with the song, "Rock 'n Roll Star."  Ever since seeing it, the Swiffer Sweeper has been transformed into a rock and roll guitar.  Jane stands on the fireplace brick, strums her "guitar," and sings, "I'm gonna be a rock 'n roll star!  A rock 'n roll staaaaaaaar!  Gonna be a, a rock 'n roll star!"  Walt loves nothing more than giggling at his sister in concert. 


Janie and Walt had their two-year and nine-month well-visits respectively.  It sounds so cliché to say so, but time goes too fast!  I love watching them learn and grow, but I can't help but feel sad as I have to pack away their cute little clothes to make room for bigger clothes every few months.  The doctor says everyone is healthy and happy!  It didn't hurt that no shots were involved at this visit.  Janie did have to get a finger prick for a lead test, but she didn't even flinch.  She was more concerned with watching the blood fill the vial than what was happening to her finger.  Hooray for fantastic nurses that love to work with kids!  The only hiccup was Walt's height.  Either we have a Curious Case of Benjamin Button on our hands or the number was wrong from last time, because the chart says that Walt is shrinking!  We'll be sure to keep an eye on that...  :)  I'm inclined to think it's just a mistake because his size 12-month overalls pop open every time he bends over!   


Philip worked nights this week so we got to go to noon Mass as a family for Ash Wednesday.  Janie thought I was dirty and tried smudging the cross off of my forehead all day.  She'd say, "Mama!  Help you!" and then lean over to wipe off my ashes.  Inspired by her doctor's visit, Jane decided to be a doctor today.  She declared that every stuffed animal or doll she came into contact with was "sick" and gave them a full exam on the living room ottoman.   


Jane greeted me first thing in the morning with a, "Good morning, Mama!"  She was grinning ear to ear in her footie pajamas and holding four favorite stuffed animals. 

Janie has a fascination lately with any and all things school.  She can't wait to be a big girl and go learn like the big kids!  I hope this enthusiasm remains.  When the day finally comes, I think she'll love it since she's such a social butterfly.  Starting today, she's been jumping up and down and saying, "School!  Go to school, Mama!"  She's even enlisted Baby Stella to join her.  "Mama, Baby Stella go to school.  Learn."

Walt learned a new trick!  From the seated position, he leaned forward onto his arms and pushed his legs behind him so that he was on all fours.  Unfortunately, he got stuck in the splits.  I couldn't help but snap a picture before he figured out how to move his leg behind him.       

Stuck in the splits
My 9-month-old in size 12-18 month clothes
I didn't want to stain Walt's adorable outfit with baby food so I stripped him down to his socks and bib.  Check out his wrist!  It looks like I've put a rubber band around it.  I love my chunky monkey! 

We added legs to Walt's activity table and showed him how to stand next to it.  It's his new favorite activity!  He stands next to the table and pushes the buttons until his chunky legs buckle and he collapses into the pillows we position around it. 

Jane saw Philip and I hugging in the kitchen.  She squeezed between us, wrapped her arms around both of our legs, and said, "BIG HUG!  Awwwww!"

While I was doing some dishes this morning, Jane ran off to grab something in her room.  She came back holding her doll, Baby Stella, and the magnetic bottle that attaches to her mouth.  She climbed up onto the couch, positioned a pillow under her arm, and started "feeding" Baby Stella.  "Mama, Stella hungry."  She's such a little mother! 


Philip returned Saturday morning from his last night of working nights for the week.  Hooray!  We went to a furniture store to look for a desk for my new office space (more on that later!).  You should have seen Jane's excitement when she saw an assembled set of bunk beds with a slide!  Another 2-year-old was playing on the set, and Janie happily joined him.  They had a ball going up and down the slide and bouncing on the top bunk.  

Jane had her first cheeseburger last night for dinner.  She loved it!  "Ooooooo!  Cheesy burger!  Yum!"

Janie seemed beside herself with happiness when Philip was able to tuck her into bed and read "Goodnight Moon."    
Walt was thrilled to have Philip home, too.  Here they are cuddling after Walt's last bottle.


Jane decided she wanted to go "au naturel" this morning.  While I was distracted eating breakfast, she put together this ensemble.  I like the light-up princess boots. 

As Monty came inside and ran past Janie, she said, "Aw!  Monty so cute!"  Speaking of Monty, Jane's favorite game in the car is to have us ask her what kind of an animal Monty is.  "Jane, is Monty a horse?  Is Monty a kitty?  Is Monty a monkey?"  Her response is always, "No!  That's silly!"  

We finally bought Walt a convertible carseat.  Since his feet were dangling over the edge of his infant carrier, we thought it was time!  Now that Janie's 2, Dr. Phil says he agrees with the AAP that her carseat can be turned to face forward.  Having her facing forward combined with Walt in his big carseat is a lot of change in one week. As predicted, Walt doesn't seem to notice that anything's different.  Maybe he'll be more excited when we put up a mirror for him.  Jane, on the other hand, loves the change!  She talks almost non-stop about what she sees through the windows.  I think it's because she has more time to process what's coming into her field of vision and attach the right words to them.  "Look, Mama!  Tree!  Biiiiiiiiiig truck!  What color that?  Big house!  Aw, doggy!"

The kiddos in their new carseats
Jane has a tendency to stuff her face at mealtime.  Every meal becomes a scary game of Chubby Bunny.  We've repeatedly been telling Jane, "Sloooooooooow down.  Small bites!"  At dinner tonight, Jane had a very stern face and told Philip as he took a bite, "Sloooooooow down, Daddy!"

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