Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Planking Harry

Harry is having a big explosion of development.

He started saying "Dada" last week:

Instead of rocking on his knees to learn how to crawl, Harry is doing a baby version of planking.  He lifts up his torso, smiles, and then it happens.  He makes some scary gutteral noises like the olympic weight lifters as he lifts everything off of the ground except for his hands and toes.  I love everything about it.

Check me out, Ma.

Taking a breather.  Oh, you liked that, Ma?  Ok, let's do it again.  Here I go...

Feel the burn!  Look how red his face gets! 

OK, I'll do it one more time.

No pain, no gain, Ma.

Just using my focal object for inspiration.  
After his morning workout, he started learning how to rock back and forth on his knees.  We just might have a crawler by moving time!

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