Thursday, June 20, 2013

Babymoon Recap

Philip and I got to enjoy a four-day weekend babymoon in Kansas City a few weeks ago.  It was so awesome!  Since I was 30-weeks pregnant, most of the trip revolved around food.  Oh, the food!  The food was AHHHHH-MAAAAAAA-ZING!

Here's a photo recap of our trip:

View from our hotel room at the Intercontinental overlooking the Plaza
Our room!  We stayed on the 8th floor overlooking the Plaza and hotel pool.  We had a great view of all of the action going on in Kansas City. 
One of my favorite parts of our stay was lounging poolside at the hotel.
Is that Don Draper lounging next to me at the hotel pool?  Check out those washboard abs!  ;)
Virgin piña colada?  Don't mind if I do!
Now, let's talk about the food...

Restaurant One:  La Bodega (Awesome Spanish tapas!  I felt like I was transported back in time to my semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain.)

Asparagus & creamy horseradish sauce

How cute is this place?!  We got to eat on the patio, and they gave us a complimentary champagne toast for our anniversary.

Oh, how I love thee, paella!

Champiñones in a de-lish garlic sauce

I'm drooling just looking at this one.  Prosciutto-wrapped figs stuffed with chorizo.  They were as amazing as they sound.

Grilled beef tenderloin with garlic crudités
Post-tapas food coma
Restaurant Two:  Arthur Bryant's  (Fantastic KC-style BBQ joint.)

I loved everything about this eating experience--beginning to end.  The lunch crowd's line went well out the door, and the men outnumbered the women 10-1.  Most of the patrons got their orders to go in sauce-soaked brown paper wrapped packages, but we decided to be fancy and dine in.

Dominating my sliced pork sandwich that was as big as my head.  The sweet & spicy Arthur Bryant's BBQ is where it's at!

Philip equally enjoyed his beef sandwich.

Restaurant Three:  Cheesecake Factory (We had to stop on one of our beautiful evening strolls for a little dessert!)

Selfie in front of the Cheesecake Factory fountain
Restaurant Four:  Bristol's (Some of the best seafood I've ever had.)

Salmon flatbread appetizer

Isn't he so cute?

Lobster mac 'n cheese?  How can this NOT be awesome?

The heart confetti they placed on our patio table for our anniversary stuck to the bottom of Philip's water glass

Mixed grilled seafood. 

Molten lava cake and hazelnut ice cream--all homemade and decadently delicious
 We decided to recreate one of our favorite wedding day photos that night:
Original pic of our champagne toast on our wedding night
The recreated version on our 5-year anniversary (and babymoon).  This time, we toasted with wine (Philip) and a virgin piña colada (Me)
Restaurant Five:  Gram & Dun on the Plaza (Great brunch spot on Sunday before we hit the road home)

All I know is there was French toast, bacon, eggs, orange juice...I wanted to cry when the meal was over because it meant our babymoon was coming to a close, too!

World War I Museum.  I had no idea this place even existed!  It turns out your tickets are good for two days, so we split up our visit over two days so that we could take it all in.  What an amazing place!  I learned so, so, so much about World War I, and we enjoyed exploring all of the items on display.

Quote from an American soldier coming home from WWI.  I had never considered that they were coming home during Prohibition.  Bummer!

How beautiful are these?!  These are envelopes addressed to Pvt. Walter L. Myers throughout his time serving in WWI.  Walter's father worked as an artist on vaudeville productions and sent him all of these amazing hand-drawn and hand-painted images on the envelopes he sent his son around the world. 

Here's another great envelope from Walter's father on the occasion of the 4th of July, 1918.
Power & Lights District (Fun nighttime destination for live music and bars.)

A really talented Journey cover band was playing in their open-air venue.  Philip and I lived it up and enjoyed dancing to some of our favorite Journey tunes.  I got a few funny looks for being the wild pregnant woman dancing by the stage!

Philip's mom (the kids call her "Mimi") did such a great job watching the kiddos.  I can't sing her praises enough.  I mean, the woman even potty-trained Jane while we were away!  It was a great getaway, but we were so excited to see "the babies" when we got home.

Me, Mimi, and the kiddos

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