Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Bedtime Update

All was going well with the new bedtime.  I was feeling more rested, and I was thrilled to be done with the fire alarm morning routine.  I woke up last Wednesday without an alarm at 6:30, and felt amazing.  Unfortunately, the kiddos woke up shortly thereafter so I didn't get in my quiet prayer time.  It had to be done at naptime instead. 

Then, I went to a concert Thursday night that kept me up past my new bedtime.  It was super fun, and it was worth the late night!  Then, it was the weekend, and the new bedtime didn't apply because it was the weekend.  Then, it was Mother's Day and Philip started a week of working nights, and I just can't seem to sleep very well when Philip's gone.

Blah, blah, blah.  Excuses, excuses.  I know, it's all very pathetic, but I'm getting back on track--TONIGHT!  I will be in bed by 9:45, and I will continue to keep my bedtime.  It's too good for me not to!  I'm enforcing the new bedtime around here for all weeknights unless an out-of-the-ordinary event comes up (i.e., an out of town visitor, family emergency, etc.).  I know I sound old and lame, but, hey, I need to be old and lame.  When you've got two little ones and a husband who works a crazy schedule like Philip's, routine is key.  I'm okay with being old and lame so long as it means domestic bliss around here.  Philip and the kiddos are the ones I'm doing this all for anyway!

So, in short, I didn't keep my bedtime last week, and we didn't get to go out for Blizzards.  Darn!  If at first you don't succeed...  If we keep our weeknight bedtime for a solid week, we're going to Dairy Queen for Blizzards next Wednesday.  French Silk Pie Blizzard, here I come! 

I'm looking forward to the quietness of the morning when I'm rested enough to wake up before the kids.  Since I am going to be in bed at 9:45 tonight, I'm setting my alarm for 6:00 so that I can get up and have my coffee & prayer time without interruption.  If I picture Jesus in the living room, waiting for me to join Him for prayer time, I get my rear end out of bed.  The coffee helps, too.  My new coffee creamers make that cup of coffee oh so delicious!  I usually have two of these in the fridge at all times.  Variety is the spice of life, they say.

That's what gets me to bed early.  What would you need to motivate you to be early to bed and early to rise?

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