Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Moments at Home

Janie the Dinosaur helping me put dishes away
Janie (Tinkerbell) wearing her patch

Tinkerbell helping empty the dryer

Picking up Monty's toys that she dumped all over the floor

Talking and eating books

Giving Mom the stink eye when I told her she had to clean up the Play Doh.

The kids' rooms -- doors closed because it's naptime.  Yessssssss!



Happy dog during naptime

The mailman comes at the same time everyday.  I love knowing these patterns since I'm at home.

Prayer time.  My days never go as well without it.

Making Jane's "Happy Birthday" sign for her birthday party.

Afternoon snack time

Feeding Walt

Playing with Monty

Janie the Dragon "reading" to Walt

Recent Milestones/Developments/Victories/Funny Things:
Walt moves himself around on his belly in full circles and is starting to army crawl.  

Jane got a ladybug nightlight for Christmas.  It freaks her out in her room, but she likes to keep it in the nursery.  Every time I change Walt's diaper, she insists on following me into the nursery where she can play with her ladybug nightlight.  "Mama, ladybug hold you."  (Translation:  Mama, I want to hold the ladybug.)  I turn on the ladybug nightlight to her favorite color (blue), she says "lights on" (translation: turn the bedroom lights off), I turn the lights off, and Jane says "wow" when she sees the blue stars on the ceiling.  A few seconds later, she starts singing her version of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." 

We didn't eat out once this week!  We stuck to my menu, made nutritious meals, and only ate leftovers twice.  

Jane and Monty are bonding over Monty's "puppy prozac."  Monty has had to take medicine everyday since we got rid of Larry for his separation anxiety.  He won't take it unless we hide it in chunky peanut butter.  I say, "Jane, want to give Monty his medicine?"  Jane bolts to the pantry where we keep the peanut butter, digs a spoon out of the drawer, and I stick the pill into the dollop of peanut butter.  Monty comes running when he hears his pill bottle shake.  Janie giggles as she gets to hold out the spoon for Monty to eat off of.  I'm still working on getting her to stand still as she extends the spoon.  She doesn't understand that running after Monty freaks him out. 

We tried playing with PlayDoh for the first time this week.  I consider it a victory that it took Jane five minutes before temptation got the best of her and she tried a bite.  Fortunately, she didn't like the taste.

To convince Jane to leave a beloved stuffed animal in the car when we're running errands, we say, "Janie, Teddy has to take a nap.  He's tired."  Then we tuck him into her carseat.  "Night night, Teddy."  She blows the stuffed animal a kiss, and we get to run errands without fear of losing the friend.  

Walt may not be mobile, but he has quick hands!  He started swiping things away from us this week.  He's stolen toys from Jane, chewies from Monty, and swiped my phone from me. 

Despite waking up a full hour or hour and a half earlier since transitioning to her daybed, Jane took a solid 1 1/2 - 2 hour nap every single day this week!  This is a huge improvement from the 10 minute naps she was taking last week.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  

Jane is a singing machine.  Current favorites include "The Alphabet Song," "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," "Baa Baa Black Sleep," and anything that Barney sings.   

A very pregnant squirrel shows up on our deck everyday after lunch.  Janie and I stick a NutriGrain Bar on the deck rail where we can see it from the kitchen window.  Jane looks forward to seeing "silly squirrel" everyday after lunch.  

Favorite Quotes of the Week:
Jane, on Philip.  "Dada work.  Dada doctor.  Dada help people."

Jane threw a muffin on the floor at lunch.
Me:  Jane, no no.  We don't throw food.  What do you say?
Jane:  Sorry, Muffin.

Me:  I love you, Jane.
Jane:  I love you more.

When Jane wants to be held.  "Mama, hold you!"

From the kitchen table.
Me:  Wow, Jane!  You're a good eater!  Mommy is sooooo proud of you!  It makes me happy when you are a good eater!
Five minutes later, while I am eating my breakfast.
Jane:  Mama, Janie so proudda you!

Upon seeing Monty's accident by the back door, Jane had her first complete sentence.  "Monty, you are so gross!"  

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