Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From a Crib to a Daybed

Jane's always been a climber.  She literally took things to new heights when she learned how to vault herself out of her crib.  We decided this was no longer safe, took one of the walls off of Jane's crib, and converted it into a daybed last night.

I was nervous about the whole thing because Jane also learned how to open doors last week.  (Yes, we're adding baby-proofing the doorknobs to the shopping and to-do lists.)  In the meantime, we stuck a gate outside of Jane's closed bedroom door so that (in theory) she can't escape unnoticed during the night. 

Last night went surprisingly smoothly!  Jane only got out of bed once.  Philip put Jane right back into her crib, laid down on the ground next to her, and waited until she calmed down.  When she was calm but still awake, Philip told her "goodnight" like usual, walked away, and closed the door.  Silence.  She slept until 6:30 this morning!  I heard her get out of her crib, go to the door, and say, "Mama!  Where are you?" while she fumbled with the doorknob. 

Waking up earlier than usual combined with a fun playdate yesterday must have worn her out.  Jane was a tired girl this morning.  When I was in the middle of dusting, Jane ran off to her bedroom.  She's been wanting to play in there independently lately--trying on costumes, playing with her kitchen, working on puzzles, etc.  I let her play for a few minutes before I went to check on her.

The door was shut, the light was on, and this is what I found.

Jane had put on her tutu, found her binkie in the basket on her changing table, climbed into her new daybed with "Doggy," and passed out.  

She's totally her mother's daughter.  We love our naps, and we'll get sleep at any cost--with or without tutus and lights.  Seeing Jane like this reminded me of a photo I took when she was 7 months old (same age as Walt!).  Clearly, we still needed all four walls of the crib attached! 

Oh, how I love those sweet chunky legs! 

Here's to hoping that the daybed transition continues to be a smooth one.  Keep those prayers coming!  :) 

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