Thursday, November 10, 2011

Uncle Matt Came For Dinner!

Tonight was the highlight of Janie's week because my younger brother Matthew (aka "Uncle Matt") came over for dinner!

Janie usually takes a few minutes to warm up to people when she hasn't seem them for awhile or if she's meeting them for the first time.  No warming up necessary with Uncle Matt, though!  Janie jumped into his arms the second he walked in the front door and had a big smile on her face when he carried her off.

Janie had a ball asking Uncle Matt to chase her around the house, playing peek-a-boo, showing off her knowledge of animal noises, and pointing to the body parts that she's learned.  

As the "baby" of our large family, Matthew has a lot of experience as an uncle, and he's definitely a natural.  Here's a sampling of the fun Janie has had with her Uncle Matt in the past.

"Airplane," January 2010

Easter 2010

Family Birthday Party, August 2011

After looking at those pictures, it's pretty obvious how much fun those two have together!  To top off a great visit, Uncle Matt read Janie and Walt a bedtime story in the nursery.  How cute are the three of them all cuddled up together?!

We love you, Uncle Matt!

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