Monday, September 29, 2014

Picture Perfect Visit to Roca Berry Farm

Last weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS!  We decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and make a family trip to Roca Berry Farm.  

Map of Roca Berry Farm
What a fun day!

Photographic evidence that I was actually there
Jane, getting in touch with her country side
Jane and Walt loved riding this pedal-operated cart with Philip
These bouncy "pillows" were the kids' favorite part of the day

Jane and Walt in "Candy Land"
I love the gingerbread man's cheesy smile
Flirty Harry, waiting for lunch in his stroller
Screaming at the ghosts in the "Moon Light Hotel"
Jane struck this pose and said, "Mama, take my picture!"  She thought it was her senior photo shoot.
Goofballs posing with the ghosts
Poor Walt!  A chicken pecked him through the fence.  Fortunately, Daddy was there to swoop in with a big kiss.  Every time we moved on to a new activity, Walt would ask, "Will the mean chicken be there?!"
I think I took 50 pictures of them in front of this tree.  This was the best one.  It's got Christmas card written all over it, right?! 
On the lookout for "the mean chicken" on the hayrack ride
Posing with their pumpkins on the porch before nap time
There is a huge pumpkin patch nearby with all kinds of attractions.  It's like the Disney World of the pumpkin patch world.  All of you Nebraskans know the one.  My goal in life (or at least for the next few years) is to keep that place under wraps and keep enjoying the smaller places like Roca.  If one of you tells our kids about this fabled other pumpkin patch, our friendship is over!  

I loved that we only paid for admission, the kids were able to lead the way throughout the farm without fear of losing them or having them find something not age appropriate, we didn't wait in lines, and there were only a few "really spooky" things.  

My favorite part?  On the ride home, the kids declared that it was "the best day ever!"    

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