Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Not-so-little "Harry-Barry Boo"

Harry has had an EXPLOSION of development this month.  He's far from being the "potted plant" variety of baby that stays where you leave him.  He is on the go!  He cruises most everywhere he wants to be.  He has abandoned his crazy swimmer crawl for a nearly normal one.  He says "dada" and "bye-bye."  His favorite thing to do is eat, and he has mastered signing for "MORE!" very urgently when the food runs out.  He's learned he needs to be a busy guy if he's going to keep up with his big siblings.  He doesn't want to be left behind those two!

Philip and I took turns watching the kids play in the mall play area while the other did returns.  During Philip's turn watching the kids, 11-month-old Harry totally dominated this play structure!  Don't believe me?  Watch this!

The kid has superhuman strength!

He goes down slides with the big sibs 

He cruises to get to his coveted toilet paper

He adores ride-on toys 

He goes cruising with Jane and Walt in Philip's childhood car

He gets right in the mix for their crazy ideas like "3 'babies' in a basket"

He attempts most of the structures at the playground.  Spotters are always ready!

He's opening cupboards and getting into mischief (and dog treats).  Time to *really* babyproof things around here!  

He stands alongside the "big kids" at the water table.  I love how Harry and Walt have the EXACT SAME expression and their hands are doing the same thing in this picture.  You think they're related?

He's learned to handle water fights like a champ because he's (sniffle) no longer a wee little baby.

Harry turns 1 next month, and I'm thinking he'll be walking by or shortly after his birthday.  Where did this first year go?  Love you, "Harry-Barry Boo!"  You bring our family so much joy!

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