Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Challenge of the week: observe

A Catholic women's Bible study I'm participating in is between studies.  Before we move on to the next study, I was asked to select an article for the group to read and discuss.  The article we're reading and discussing next week is, "Observe" by Sheri Wohlfert from CatholicMom.com.

Photo from CatholicMom
In the article, Sheri writes about the power of observation and the blessings that being a deliberate observer of God's Creation can bring to our lives.
"Who knows…if we become better observers we might have a front row seat to the wonder and awe of the Father and a much clearer understanding of the things he’s asking us to be a part of.  It sounds too simple doesn’t it?  Who would ever imagine great knowledge and understanding could come from just sitting still and watching the people and things around us carefully and without judgment."
Inspired by Sheri's column, I've asked the group to do some daily "homework" before our next meeting:

  • Carve out 10 minutes each day
  • Spend 5 minutes *just* observing the people around us (especially our family members)
  • Spend 5 minutes *just* observing the rest of God's Creation
  • Write down the lessons learned and blessings this time brings
I'm looking forward to this exercise in deliberately taking in the world around me.  It's already bearing great fruit, and I'm anxious to hear how it blessed the other women in my study.  Will you take on the challenge with us?  Are you ready to just OBSERVE?  

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