Friday, May 23, 2014

Jane's Last Day of Preschool

Little Miss Jane had a great first year of preschool.  Last summer, alllllllllll that she talked about was getting to wear her new uniform, making new friends, meeting her teacher, and everything else related to preschool.  She couldn't wait for the first day!

Posing with brand new baby brother, Harry

The girl doesn't take a non-silly picture

What a goof!

As it turned out, Jane's class had the last day of preschool the Tuesday after we moved to Lincoln (an hour away from our new home).  I thought, "Well, shoot.  That's a big bummer, but at least she won't care too much."  I casually mentioned it to Philip on the phone a few weeks ago, and he said, "She has to go to her last day of preschool!  She would be so sad if she missed it!  We'll make it work."  Isn't he adorable?  

Philip had taken a few days off from work to help with the move and unpacking.  He came up with the idea that he would take Jane back to Omaha for her last morning of preschool.  While she was at school, he'd go back to our old house to finish up the cleaning and run a few errands.  I love what a softy he is when it comes to the kiddos!

We took a few obligatory last day of school shots.  Per usual, Jane wasn't interested in doing a normal smile!

Check out the first and last days of school pictures side by side.  I love how you can see her growth by how much smaller the uniform looks on her in the second picture! 

After Philip picked Jane up at preschool, they swung by Costco to pick up a few things and grab lunch.  I'm thinking the Costco hotdogs were the real reason for the Omaha trip!

Jane gives everything 100%.

If Jane had it her way, she would have gone to school all day everyday.  She's looking forward to 3-day preschool at her new school next year, and little brother Walt can't wait for 2-day preschool!

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