Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Letter to Walt For His 3rd Birthday

Dear Walt,

I am sorry this is nearly a week late.  I know, I know, life of the middle child, huh?  Moving took over our lives for a little while.  Now that things are starting to settle down, I want to take the time to let you know just how special you are in a letter, little guy.  I shouldn't say "little guy" anymore.  You are getting SO BIG and grown up!

I had a ball going through old pictures, thinking about all of our memories together since you entered our lives.  You, Mister, make me laugh, and laugh, and laugh.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures of you!

When Daddy worked a month of nights last summer, you and Janie begged him to bring donuts home every morning.  When he did, your order used to be "brown with sprinkles."  It has since changed to a "Lightning McQueen donut" (translation: pink frosting since you like to do whatever big sis does, but calling it a "Lightning McQueen donut" makes it your own).

August 2012
Look how much you've changed since your first birthday!  You were the cutest wootest little engineer.  Who knew I was feeding your obsession with Thomas so early?  You didn't have much to say for awhile since you had big sis trying to communicate all of your needs, but you have certainly caught up, and we have such sweet conversations.  
May 2012
One of your favorite things is making everyone laugh.  Here's you, wearing sunglasses one random evening just because.  You have the best big, full-bodied giggle!  I'm chuckling at the computer just looking at this silly picture.

You are a little stinker, too!  Unfortunately, I think you got your stubbornness and fiery temper from your mama.  Sorry!  One day, Janie didn't finish her  PBJ, and you fished it out of the trash can.  No food is wasted around these parts with you around!  Silly boy!

You insist on doing everything Jane does, but sometimes it gets you into trouble.  Here's you trying markers for the first time.  It didn't go so well, and Daddy had to irrigate your eye with saline because you had COLORED YOUR CORNEA!  You thought it was sooooooooo funny!  You'll think this is funny, too...when Daddy irrigated your eyeball, blue water came out of your nose!

Since Jane is such a big personality, you tend to let her do her thing while you mostly sit back and observe.  You have a quiet confidence about you that I adore.  This picture captures it perfectly!  Get a load of that hair and those aviators!  Your hair is phenomenal, by the way.  Your Uncle Dave is always impressed by it since the guys on the Witt side don't tend to have luscious locks.  Now that you're 3, we have finally figured out a way to get it to sit down--unless, of course, it's right after you woke up.

I was a little nervous that you would get jealous of all of the attention Baby Harry got when he joined our family last August.  You embraced your role as big brother right away, and your tender heart melts mine when I watch you play with Harry.  You don't like him quite as well now that he's crawling and can get into your toys, but you mostly love the little guy.  I am so glad I captured this moment of brotherly love.

You found your voice this year while Jane was at preschool two days a week.  We had a good amount of one-on-one time since Harry snoozed for most of the morning.  It was so fun to have that special time together. Usually, you would ask me to play engines or cars.  I love, love, love your imagination!  Your engines and cars have fantastic conversations about all of the adventures they go on, and they manage to get themselves into some pretty big problems.  You are very independent and would play by yourself all day if I'd let you, but your eyes get SOOOO big and excited when you invite Janie, Mommy, or Daddy to play with you, and we jump right into the elaborate scene you have going at the railyard or racetrack.  

You and Janie are the best of friends.  You have your usual sibling squabbles, but I am always impressed by how quick you are to forgive and get back to playing.  In the last month, you've started saying, "I love you, Janie," out of the blue when you two are playing.  You are a great brother with a big, tender heart, and Janie and Harry are so blessed to have you!

Your great imagination came in handy during the moving process.  You didn't mind as Daddy and I boxed up all of your favorite toys.  Instead, you'd use that great imagination of yours to dream up new scenarios for your few cars that weren't boxed up.  Here you are, spinning the cars around on the spice rack.  You told me it was their new garage.

I keep circling back to your tender heart because it is just the best.  We have a tradition of reading stories before nap time.  We always snuggle up together after you and Janie each pick out a story.  You like to get as close as you can without sitting on my lap, and you always grab my hand.  Here you are with your sweet little fingers locked in mine as we look through one of your favorite books before nap time.  These are some of my favorite moments from the day.  Before you go to sleep, you like to take my face in your hands, push on my cheeks, and say, "I love you, Mama."  You're my kryptonite, buddy.    

Lucky you!  Mimi picked up a LIGHTNING MCQUEEN chocolate chip cookie cake for you on your birthday!  Look at how precious you are in this picture, giggling with excitement about your awesome cake.

Oh, the cuteness!  You had a little trouble blowing out your candles above the box that the cake was in.

So, Uncle Connor generously gave you a boost to get the job done!  All day long, you would say, "KA-CHOW!" just like Lightning whenever the mood struck.  I think you even said, "KA-CHOW!" when you finally blew out the last candle!  

Usually, you say whatever is on your mind as it pops into your brain.  Being around you means I get to hear your every thought.   Lately, you're on an "I love _____" kick.  "I love our new house.  I love my new room.  I love the purple front door.  I love my cars.  I love Janie.  I love you, Daddy."  You're simply adorable.

Look at you through the years!  On your birthday in the hospital, as an engineer on your first birthday, stomping puddles at the zoo on your 2nd birthday, and rosy-cheeked after a visit to the park before your 3rd birthday.   

Daddy and I are so proud of you, Walt.  We pray that God will continue to show you His Love through every member our domestic church.  May He continue to bless you with an abundance of grace on your journey as a saint in the making.  

When we ask you what you want to be when you grow up, you say, "I want to be a Father Daddy."  I think that's your way of copping out and saying you want to be a priest AND a dad.  Who knows...maybe you'll get to be a spiritual father to countless souls as a priest, or maybe you will be blessed with your own children in marriage.  Whatever vocation God has in store for you, I know you will live it well with your quiet confidence, awe of creation, and tender heart.  Until you discern all of that, Daddy and I are so very thankful that God entrusted you to our family.  We love you, precious boy!  May the Lord bless and keep you, Walter Eugene!      

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