Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Practicing for Preschool Picture Day

Us preschool parents found out that picture day is on Thursday.  I'm sure a lot of the other parents didn't give this a second thought.  If they did, they're probably focused on things like what their child will wear or how they will style their hair.  I'm concerned about other things.  You see, Jane likes to give it her all when it comes to taking pictures. 

She'll do one of two moves:

  1. Evade the camera with all her might
  2. Give the goofiest face she can think of
Philip called today to check in over lunch.  I gave him the usual report on what was going on around the home front, how preschool went for Jane, what I had been up to with the boys, etc.  I mentioned I had been trying to "practice" Jane's picture day smile with her.  

"What do you mean?" Philip asked.

"Well, I'll say, 'OK, Jane.  Pretend I'm the photographer.  When I say 'Cheese!' what are you going to do?'  Then I ask her to smile."

"Oh," Philip said.

"I'm afraid it's making the problem worse.  Now she thinks it's funnier than ever to be silly for the camera."

After recovering from laughing, Philip said, "Well, maybe you could make it look like a real photo shoot with a backdrop on the wall, ask her to stand in front of it, and take real pictures."

So, guess what we did this afternoon after lunch.  Bingo!  Preschool picture day practice photo shoot!

Wanna see how it went?

After I put up a few pieces of cardstock, my ready and willing subject, Walt, entered the scene.  It looks like he's saying, "Who?  Little old me?"

Moving subject with camera phone  = blurry

Way to go, buddy!  Show Janie how it's done!  I love your use of pretend ice cream cone.

Workin' it

This way, buddy

I'll take it


I think he's about over it

Yup.  He's had enough.

Enter my next subject...

This is what I got when I said, "Smile!"

Cheesy smile with a little lower lip biting action.  OK, this could be a good start!

Blowing kisses

Well, this is sure going downhill

Oh, dear

After a little break, Walt's back for more

The trouble is, the girl who doesn't want her picture taken won't leave the scene

I'm back, Mom!  Keep taking my pic!


Jane used her time away from the camera to think up this pose

And this one

And yet another variation on that one

Alright, folks!  I think we might be coming back to cute

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, there you have it!  Cousin It!

How much do these preschool pictures cost anyway?

At least we're stationary and making eye contact

Getting too distracted...the lazy eye is making an appearance

The grand finale!  Is it naptime?
So, there you have it.  I think we're ready for preschool picture day.  Practice makes perfect!

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