Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Neighborhood Nature Scavenger Hunt

Philip was post-call today.  That means that he worked a 24-hour shift at the hospital, and he had the day off once he got home this morning.  Fortunately, it was a relatively slow night at the hospital, so he was able to get a good amount of sleep. 

Philip is always so good at coming up with fun activities to do as a family.  Jane came home from preschool on Tuesday with tales of a class nature walk.  This inspired Philip to plan a family nature scavenger hunt around the neighborhood.  

He created a picture checklist for Jane and Walt of things to find.  Here's Jane with her list.  See anything strange on it?

It all seems pretty standard for a neighborhood nature walk, right?  Tree, leaf, grass, acorn, sun, monkey...  Wait, monkey?  That husband of mine loves to make the kids laugh!  

"Daddy!  We're not going to find a MONKEY!"
"Why not?"  Philip loooooooves playing dumb so that they feel smart.
"Because!  There aren't any monkeys in our neighborhood!"
"Okay, we'll see."

Don't mind us, neighbors.  We're on a mission!
Checking things off -- in purple crayon, of course
I just love how rosy his cheeks get
Still looking for that monkey!
Monty's glad we didn't bring along any strollers
Showing off some leaves she found
Hooray for strong and tall Daddy!
Whoops.  Didn't realize the view the neighbors were getting until I started walking behind them!
"Look at our collection!"  Proudly displaying everything they found.
Karate chopping each other so that they can hold their favorite items.
As much as I gripe about residency, I know I'll miss these random post-call days when Philip is home in the middle of the week.  After we came home from our nature scavenger hunt, we read stories and took a family nap.  Oh, so glorious!  After naptime, Philip made us breakfast for dinner.  We had eggs, pancakes, sausage, and apples.  Deeeeeeeeee-lish!  Philip played with the kids while I cleaned up the kitchen.  Jane and Harry even had some "tummy time" together.

Neither one seemed to enjoy it.
After that was bath time, dance time, story time, family prayer time, and bedtime.  Now, it's Mommy and Daddy (and Harry) time.  Off to hang out with my boyfriend before our bedtime!

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