Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stuffed Animal Surgery

Janie loves her stuffed animals, but sometimes all of that love translates into wear and tear on the toys.  Poor "Doggy" and Minnie Mouse got a big holes in their tummies and heads, and their stuffing was coming out. 

Fortunately, we have an in-house doctor who could help.  Dr. Phil came to the rescue, and he got a chance to practice his suturing skills--with a needle and thread! 

Check out Dr. Phil in action.  I love how he always sticks his lips out when he's working on something or thinking really hard.  I've noticed that Janie does that, too.

Janie's thrilled that Doggy and Minnie Mouse both made a full recovery after her surgery.  No more stuffing falling out for them!

You know you're married to a pediatric resident when he uses his suturing skills to repair your child's stuffed animal. 

Another time you know you're married to a pediatric resident:  Your Advent calendar marker is a tongue depressor with Pooh stickers on the end.


I know you're green with envy!  I mean, really, who doesn't want a tongue depressor marker on their Advent calendar?

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