Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"You are love that's come to live at our house today"

For the second time, I was able to catch a milk-induced sleepy smile from Harold.  








When I was watching Harold smile and dream this evening, I instantly thought of this scene from The Lady and the Tramp.  Click on the video to watch on YouTube.  You won't regret it!  

Darling is singing the song "La La Lu" to her new baby boy in the nursery, and her dog, Lady, enters to see what the fuss is all about.  

I always liked The Lady and The Tramp, and I always liked this sweet song, but I didn't pay attention to the lyrics until I looked them up tonight.

"La La Lu" is officially my new favorite lullaby!  I bolded my favorite words.  

"La La Lu"

I am your mother
And I'm so glad you're here
You have a father
Who loves you, oh so dear
We call you baby
'Cause we don't know how to say

That you are love
That's come to live
At our house today
La, la, loo
La, la, loo
Oh my little star sweeper
I'll sweep the stardust for you
La, la, loo
La, la, loo
Little soft, fluffy sleeper
Here comes a pink cloud for you
La, la, loo
La, la, loo
Little wandering angel
Fold up your wings
Close your eyes
La, la, loo
La, la, loo
And may love be your keeper
La, la, loo
La, la, loo
La, la, loo
The song is not only beautiful and soothing, it has some deep theological meaning in there!  Hear me out...  We're getting Harold baptized on Sunday, so I have our parish's baptism class for parents on the brain.  The deacon leading the class talked about how our families (aka, our "domestic church") reflect the Holy Trinity.  
Our children are the love between us made flesh.  Scott Hahn says it better.  He wrote in his wife Kimberly's book, Life-Giving Love, "The one flesh union of persons in the act of marriage is so powerful that nine months later you might have to give it a name."
So, Harold (and Jane and Walt and Therese and any future babies that we may have), thank you for being the "love that's come to live at our house today."  Your dad and I pray that "Love (with a capital "L") be your keeper."

The kids with "The Child Jesus" statue in our parish courtyard

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  1. I love that you wrote about "La La Lu" because my mom sang it for me when I was little, as well. She actually got my nickname from the song, and to this day calls me "Lay-la Lu." This post inspired me to call her :)