Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 1)

Here's my first attempt at "7 Quick Takes Friday," a quick, straight-to-the-point list of 7 things going on in our world right now.  I got the idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Jen Fulwiler, over at Conversion Diary.  Click here if you'd like to join the fun!

Here's what's going on in our world this week:

1.  Jane will start going to preschool in August.  I'm afraid she is going to be disappointed that she only gets to go two days a week.  She'll probably try to dart out of the car without looking back on her first day of school.  We got her uniform the other day, and she had a ball giving us a little fashion show in the dressing room area.   

2.  Due to an unseasonably cold spring, our lilac bush was delayed in blooming this year.  I took this picture of one of the blooms this afternoon.  The local meteorologists are predicting some severe weather this weekend (large hail, isolated tornadoes, etc.), so I'm afraid our blooms will be very short-lived this year.  Even though they haven't all completely opened up, I think I'll snip a few off tomorrow before the hail comes.  I'd hate to see them all get torn to smithereens! 

3.  A few months ago, Walmart opened a "Neighborhood Market" up the street.  You can't beat a 3-minute trip to your grocery store!  Unfortunately, the store doesn't have a full-service bakery with complimentary cookies for the kiddos like the huge Walmart we used to go to.  I learned this the hard way the first time we went to the store after I had already promised the kids their usual cookie from the bakery if they were patient and good listeners.  I ended up buying a box of Oreo cookies (Double Stuf, of course) and letting them each have one in the checkout.  Ever since that first trip, I've been bringing a little baggie with an Oreo for each kiddo to eat as we pay for our groceries.  

This week, Jane spied an Oreo fragment on Walt's short leg that he had dropped.  She snagged it when he was distracted and stuffed it into her mouth as quickly as she could.  Of course, this was a problem for Mr. Walt, aka our Cookie Monster.  Here's a picture of the hysteria.   

4.  I'm afraid Jane and Walt love their sleep as much as their mama.  Unfortunately, Jane also inherited her mama's struggle to come back to earth after naptime.  Walt is Mr. Happy Go Lucky from the moment he opens his eyes, but Jane requires some special "quiet time" on the couch before we dare suggest an activity or engage her in real conversation.  Here she is post-nap with crazy bed head, munching on some Berry Berry Kix, easing back into the world.    

5.  One of the cutest things about Walt is that his little cheeks get soooooooooo rosy after any kind of physical activity.  We spent 15 minutes at the neighborhood park this afternoon, and here's what Walt's face looked like five minutes after being inside the air conditioning.  He had to hold his buddy Gordon for the photo op. 

6.  Jane has always enjoyed coloring, but she blew me away the other day when she called me over to look at this picture: 

She had drawn three people with heads, facial features, and some limbs!!!  She said, "That's Grandma Sally, and you, and me!"  All of a sudden, my little girl is really drawing instead of scribbling!

Here's another face she drew this morning:

7.  Philip took the kids to Costco after dinner last night while I went to my Bible study.  Costco had a bunch of cute (and cheap!) Carter's summer jammie sets, so Philip had the kids pick out a few.  They insisted on wearing them to bed last night, and Philip snapped these cute pics of the kids running laps around the couch in their cute jammies.  Look at how excited they were!

Off to make dinnerI'll be praying that the severe weather doesn't put a damper on our birthday celebration for Walt on Sunday!

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