Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baby Jesus' Birthday Party

At the beginning of Advent, we started explaining to the children that we were preparing for Baby Jesus' birthday.  We had Christmas Eve all to ourselves this year, so we decided to throw Baby Jesus a birthday party.  When I took the kids to the grocery store last week, I asked Janie to pick out the kind of cake that Jesus likes best.  Naturally, His favorite ended up being chocolate fudge with chocolate fudge frosting!

Janie and her trusty sidekick, Walt, helped Philip make Baby Jesus' chocolate chocolate cake.

Adding the ingredients

Mixing it all up

Philip did the frosting and writing

Janie thought the cake needed a little something, so she added some red sprinkles...

Some silver balls...

Some blue sprinkles...

And some rainbow sprinkles.  Ta da!  We thought this was the finished product...

Thumbs up from the baker

Philip gave Walt a taste of the frosting, and he ended up with a little mustache

Checking out the action.  This is when Janie gave the cake a final flourish of blue sprinkles!

Walt's not so sure about the added blue sprinkles.

The finished product!
We went to our parish's Children's Mass on Christmas Eve and came home for our Baby Jesus Birthday Party.  To mix things up a bit, we had brunch for dinner.  We went with a Christmas tree motif.

We added green food coloring to the waffle batter for our "tree."  The "star" is chopped up peaches, the "ornaments" are raspberries and blueberries, and the "trunk" is a sausage link.  The kids loved their trees!  We also had some cheesy scrambled eggs.  Yum yum!  

After brunch for dinner, I brought the Fontanini and Little People Nativity Baby Jesus figurines out of hiding to join us at the dinner table.  We put a single candle on the birthday cake, turned out the lights, and sang "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus.  The cake was a big hit--especially with Walt!

The kids were SO EXCITED that Baby Jesus was finally in His manger in the nativity scenes!  Janie kept saying, "Aw, Baby Jesus is sooooooo cute!" giving him smooches, and laying Him back in His manger.  Walt walked around with the Little People Baby Jesus, saying, "Baby!  Baby!  Baby!"  It was a fun little celebration with our little family to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child.

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