Thursday, September 27, 2012

Easy Pinterest Art Project

I found the inspiration for our Pinterest art project here.  Here's a picture of the original:

We liked the original idea, but we wanted square canvases and cleaner lines that didn't allow the paint to bleed.  Thanks to the Jo-Anns Labor Day Sale, we got the canvases, spray paint, and painter's tape at 40% off.  This would prove to be an even sweeter deal when we made a mistake and had to buy another canvas.  (Fortunately, I had another coupon to get the 4th canvas at 40% off as well!)

The supplies:   

Here is the blank wall that we wanted to fill.

 Canvases with blue painter's tape.  We tested one canvas at a time.  Unfortunately, the blue painter's tape allowed the spray paint to bleed underneath because it bubbled.
Although it was thicker than I wanted, we switched to the green painter's tape.  It stuck much better than the blue and survived two coats of spray paint for even color.  Make sure the tape wraps completely around the sides as well.

 Removing the tape

Let the spray paint dry at least 24 hours.  Make sure to remove the very top strip of tape, one at a time.

Removing the tape on our green canvas.
Finished product up on the walls

 Hooray for a fun, successful, inexpensive art project!

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  1. Very cool -- great job! They look fabulous!